Tip of the Week October 01, 2018

Keep your account’s billing procedures accessible and ready

As renewal dates approach and/or administrative personnel change, it can be important to make sure that there are authorized staff handling the billing for your Volgistics account and that they are able to access the Store, receive billing notifications, and know how and when to plan future payments. Here are a few billing-related tips to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure the billing contact is up-to-date. Advance billing notices, billing confirmations, and other automated billing messages will be sent to the billing contact email address you set. Help topic 1019 explains more.
  2. Make sure the billing contact can access the Store. You can do this by making an administrator the billing contact, or providing the billing contact with your Accounting Access Code. Help topic 2143 explains more.
  3. Volgistics doesn’t generate order-invoices automatically. However, an authorized administrator or accounting operator for Volgistics account can create one at any time. Help topic 2071 explains more.
  4. Volgistics will never adjust your service level automatically. Creating and paying an invoice for a different service level will not cause it to change. You’ll need to update your service level manually. Help topic 2166 explains more.
  5. Volgistics doesn’t accept purchase orders as a form of payment. But if you need to generate one for your internal payment processing requirements, you can still attach it to your invoice. Help topic 2545 explains more.
  6. Volgistics payments can be mailed to our physical or remittance address. If you plan on using a courier service to send a payment urgently, be sure to use our physical address. Help topic 2304Help topic 2304 explains more
  7. If your payment does not arrive by the date your account is due, your account won’t be deleted or become inaccessible right away. Instead, it will be placed on a 30-day ‘Hold’ status. While on hold you will still be able to access the account, but it will be on a more limited basis than usual. Volunteer features such as forms and modules will continue to operate normally and volunteers won’t see any change. However, operators will be unable to add new volunteer records or print most reports until payment is received. An expired Volgistics account will only be deleted if no payment is posted for it within 60 days of its ‘Paid through’ date. Our Terms of Service explain more.

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