Tip of the Week March 21, 2016

Spellcheck your entries and emails with browser add-ons

Because Volgistics is entirely web-based, you can use the features within your own web browser—such as built-in spell checking add-ons and plugins—to assist you in using Volgistics’ tools for managing your volunteers. ‘Spell checker’ or ‘Spell check’ features can help spot and correct misspelled or mistyped words or phrases passively while you work, and can be a great resource when recording data, composing messages, and more.

Spell checker add-ons are included by default in many web browsers, but if your interface doesn’t seem to offer one of these features you can obtain one easily and at no cost by performing an online search. Simply query ‘spell checker download’ along with the name (and, optionally, version) of your current web browser in your preferred search engine.

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