Tip of the Week June 9, 2014

Send an email to a group of volunteers from the Volunteers page

When you’re sending an email message from the Out Box of the Volgistics Mailbox, you can select to send it to a single volunteer, tagged volunteers, volunteers who have a certain Status, are in a certain Set, or to all the volunteers in your database. But did you know you can also send email to volunteers from the Volunteers page? This allows you to use more options to define which volunteers will receive your message.

For example, if you need to send a message to just Group records that have the Park Clean-up Flag and the Active Status, you would:

  1. Select Volunteers from the menu.

  2. Select Active from the Status dropdown, Park Clean-up from the Flag dropdown and Group from the Kind dropdown.

  3. Click the All link.

  4. When the records appear on the page, click the Email icon that appears to the right of the All link to send a message to just the records on the page.

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