Tip of the Week July 4, 2016

Optimize PDF file sizes for more efficient delivery and quicker file opening speeds

With Volgistics, you can include PDF documents as attachments that you send to your volunteers or Coordinators. When you do this, it is a good practice to always optimize the file you’re sending. This reduces the file size, which has a number of advantages. It assures your message will be delivered if the recipient’s ISP limits file sizes, it allows your message to be processed faster which could speed up delivery, and the file will also open faster when the recipients view it.

The method you use to optimize the file will depend on the program you use to create it. We have included some links that have more information on how to optimize your file for commonly used programs.

  • If you use Microsoft Word and the “Save as” function to save in the PDF format, select “Minimum Size (publishing online)” as the “Optimize for” option. More information
  • If you use Adobe Acrobat, use the PDF Optimizer under the Advanced menu. More information

If you use a different method, program, or version of one of the programs listed to create your PDF files, you may need to search the Internet, or refer to the program’s help documentation for information on how to reduce the file size.

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