Tip of the Week June 18, 2012

Use Mandatory Service to track incentive programs

Many volunteer organizations offer incentives such as free passes, or tickets, to volunteers if they complete a certain number of hours of service during a time period. While these programs are a great way to increase volunteer participation, they can become burdensome to track manually. But with Volgistics, organizations can make this task easier by setting incentives up as Mandatory Service.  This feature allows you to set a time period and hour requirement for volunteer service and then quickly see which volunteers have completed the service when the time is up. If you use the VicNet module, you can even allow volunteers to see a chart of their progress towards the goal.

Help topic 2156 “Tracking Mandatory Service” has more information about how this feature works and links to help topics showing how to set it up. For reporting Mandatory Service, please see Help topic 1138 Their Mandatory Service Set Rule” for directions on how to create a Set based on Mandatory Service.

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