Submitting Help Inquiries

All Volgistics accounts include unlimited online support.  Our support center is open from 8 am to 9 pm EST on weekdays and various times on the weekend.  We encourage you to ask questions and will explain the best way below.

You should submit help inquiries, as well as receive our responses through your Volgistics account.  This is the best way to submit inquiries as you can stay logged-in to your Volgistics account while submitting an inquiry, continue working in Volgistics, and later view our response.  This method also helps us because the inquiry is linked to your account so we know what account you are referring to and can better assist you.

To submit a new help inquiry through your Volgistics account, follow these steps:

1. Choose ‘Mailbox’ from the menu on the left

2. Select the ‘Help E-mail’ tab

3. Click the ‘Send an inquiry’ button. 

Now enter a few words to summarize your inquiry in the Subject box, and then enter your questions in the Message box.  Lastly choose the entry that best describes the kind of inquiry you are making from the drop down next to “This is about”.

4. Click the ‘Send’ button to send the inquiry to the Volgistics Team.

Below is a video showing how to submit a  help inquiry through your account.

When the Volgistics Team answers your inquiry you can read their response in your Volgistics Mailbox on the same ‘Help E-mail’ tab.

Note that other system operators that have access to your Volgistics account can see your inquiries and our responses.

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