See Notifications on the Welcome Page

Tip of the Week March 11, 2024

The Welcome page in Volgistics is the first page operators will see when they log in. In addition to providing new feature messages, account statistics, birthday lists, and tips of the week (like this one), the Welcome Page will also include a Mail section directing operators’ attention to a variety of unread messages, alerts, and notifications, including:

  • New messages
  • Schedule alerts
  • Download notifications
  • Pending applications
  • Unread help inquiries

New messages (such as reports), schedule alerts (for volunteer self-scheduling), as well as download notifications can all be viewed on the In Box tab. Pending applications can be viewed on the Applications tab, and unread help inquiry responses can be viewed on the Help E-Mail tab. A quick glance at the Mail section of the Welcome page can be a great way to keep an eye on any unread messages or notifications an operator may wish to quickly consult.

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