Search the Event Log or a volunteer’s Notes tab

Tip of the Week November 14, 2022

Each Volgistics account has an Event Log that records key events. Even though not every event in your account is tracked due to size limitations, the Event Log can still become quite long. This can make it hard to find one specific item.

The same problem may occur on the Notes tab of volunteer records. There is not a way to locate specific text on the Notes tab and it may be difficult to find what you need if a lot of information has been recorded.

One way to address this is to use your web browser’s Find feature to locate the item you’re looking for. To do this, identify a key word or phrase to look for such as an event that is recorded, the name of a volunteer record, or the content of a note. Then, bring up your account’s Event Log or the Notes tab. Use your web browser’s Find feature to search for the word or phrase. You can bring up the Find feature from the web browser’s menu, or by using the CTRL+F keyboard shortcut.

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