Retiring Legacy VicTouch

As we’ve gone through the beta period with the new version of VicTouch, we learned a lot about how our customers interact with it, and how they expect it to function. The feedback you provided to us was invaluable in helping us craft a new version of the time clock that’s easier to set up and easier for volunteers to use.

The beta is now over, and the new version of VicTouch will be the primary supported version from here on. But of course we can’t maintain two separate versions forever, so the legacy version of VicTouch will be officially retired on January 17, 2023. Starting that day, legacy VicTouch will automatically forward to the new version.

So what should you do to prepare? Do you really need to do anything, or can you just let it forward? Well, the forwarding might not work for everyone. Plus the settings for the new VicTouch likely don’t match your settings for the legacy version. To make sure the transition is smooth for you and your volunteers, it’s best to handle it now while you’ve got time to review everything, rather than scrambling in mid-January.

We’ve put together a video showing off the new version and talking about the transition below. In addition, help topic 4301 Getting Started with the New VicTouch is a great resource. And if you have any questions or trouble along the way, please reach out to the support team. We’ll be happy to help!

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