New Opportunity Directory Full Release

If you haven’t heard, we released a beta version of a new Opportunity Directory a few months ago. We’re finally done with the beta period, and ready for a full release! This means that all of the features and functionality from the legacy version have been replaced, and we’re ready for all accounts to switch to the new version.

What is the Opportunity Directory?

The Opportunity Directory provides a way for you to post information about your Assignments publicly, so anyone can learn more about what these different tasks entail and see when or where they take place.

The new version makes the appearance more modern and adds a whole host of new features like a map, a schedule view showing openings, extensive theming, and social sharing options. Plus the whole thing is responsive, so it looks great no matter what kind of device your volunteers are using.

How do I set it up?

The new Opportunity Directory comes with it’s own Setup options. On the Setup page, you’ll see a new group just for the Opportunity Directory. The Ground Rules page let’s you control what appears, and the Theming page will allow you to adjust the colors to match your organization’s branding.

Can I still use the old one?

The legacy version of the Opportunity Directory isn’t being retired quite yet. While we recommend switching to the new version as soon as you can, there’s no need to panic. Fortunately for most, it’s as simple as changing one link on your website.

When we’re ready to retire the legacy version, we’ll be sure to announce it in advance. Keep any eye here and on the Welcome page in Volgistics for that, as well as other feature updates as they become available!