Engage Volunteers During the Holidays

Engage Volunteers During the Holiday Season

The end of the year is often the busiest for nonprofits. People give more donations and reach out for information, and many charities’ clients face greater needs. Through this time, you will rely on your volunteers even more than usual to keep working toward your service goals.

But volunteers get busy too. They have holiday plans and engagements, and they need time to tend to their own families to celebrate. How can you engage volunteers during the holidays to ensure you receive the support you need? Consider implementing the following holiday volunteer engagement tips for ways to keep your volunteers involved during this special time of the year.

Keep Volunteers Occupied During Their Shifts

There’s nothing more frustrating for a volunteer than showing up for a shift and not being used. While you may be swamped with your own duties, you should plan ahead of time what you want your volunteers to do so that you don’t waste their valuable time. You can always assign them to tasks you don’t have time to do yourself. Something as simple as cleaning the office coffee pot or organizing holiday cards can save time.

Offer Short Shifts to Assist Your Charity

At the holidays, time is limited. Everyone has many things on their plate. People still want to help out, but they often can’t dedicate an entire day to your cause between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Open up shorter time periods of an hour or two when volunteers can give their time and then leave. You may be surprised at how quickly people take these spots.

Continue With Volunteer Recruiting During the Holidays

Did you know that the holidays present an excellent opportunity to recruit more volunteers? You likely see a lot of people during this time of year. When you go to events on your own time or offer assistance at work, talk up your charity to the people you meet. Mention that you have many spots for volunteers and chat about the time commitment or special skills involved. Carry your business cards so that people can easily contact you for more information.

Show Your Current Volunteers Appreciation

While connecting with new volunteers is an excellent idea, you should also show the ones who already work with you some appreciation. These people deserve more than just occasional kudos on your social media sites or a hearty “thank you” at the end of a shift. Consider the following ways to show your regard for your longest-serving volunteers:

  • Write a personal holiday card/thank you note and reference specific things the volunteer did for you this year
  • Throw a party for volunteers and play games that allow you to get to know them better
  • Introduce your volunteers to people at the highest level of the organization, showing how much their efforts mean to you

By using these engagement tips, you can continue to recruit volunteers during the holidays. Need assistance with scheduling or tracking hours during this busy time? You can use Volgistics to help. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo today!

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