Healthcare Volunteer Tracking Software

Volgistics makes it easy to find specific information about each of your volunteers and even groups of volunteers. The Volgistics volunteer tracking system for healthcare facilities allows your managers to keep information on each of your volunteers and organize data into easily searchable groups, all in a user-friendly interface that's easy to use and update. Filter volunteer records by age, skills, location, history, preferences, or any number of organization-specific, customizable flags so that you can find individuals for specific tasks more quickly.

Tracking Features

Volgistics' volunteer tracking system for the healthcare industry is designed to make it easy to categorize and organize volunteers into specific groups. Use everything from parking permit numbers to education to classify your volunteer base, then use that information to search for individuals or match them to particular assignments. Some key features of this system include:


Individual volunteer records make use of a tab format, where information is organized by type and grouped into tabs. This way, volunteer managers can find what they need quickly and easily.

Flags & Types

You can also assign volunteers with classification flags based on factors such as age or skillset, and then use those flags to further filter volunteers for specific tasks or messages.


Track, schedule, and generate reports for groups of volunteers without creating separate records for each member. Just form fixed groups of volunteers and save those groups for tasks like scheduling, tracking, reporting, and messaging. This function also allows the option to appoint a group leader for functions like group scheduling.


Create and save custom sets of volunteers based on the information in their records for easy viewing, reporting, or messaging. You can either use the existing information in your volunteer records or mark specific volunteer records with flags to create a set.

Search Options

Quickly search for volunteer records using their first name, last name, phone number, or email address. You can also use the search function to find sets of volunteers that fit certain criteria, such as those who worked in a specific week, have a bachelor's degree, and so on.

Text & Email Management

Manually or automatically send reminders and updates to volunteers, groups, or sets via text or email. Volunteers can choose the types of messages they want to receive and how they prefer to receive them, while the Volgistics' delivery-tracking software determines the efficacy of a contact method, identifying if a specific contact method is ineffective.

Volunteer Contacts

Track the contact information for each volunteer, including their emergency contacts, references, parent or guardian, employer, and more, depending on what the needs are for your organization.


You can upload photos to make it easy to match a volunteer's face with their name. This method can also be used for security purposes. In addition, the optional VicNet module can allow your volunteers to upload their own photo.


Track and update the requirements your volunteers must complete to become and remain active in your organization. This list can include background or reference checks, health screenings, training modules. See who's missing certain requirements, and update volunteers on upcoming due dates and renewals.


Set up criteria for service-based recognition, and Volgistics can help identify who is ready to receive each award. Run eligibility lists, post awards, and review the recognition history of any volunteer, all with the Volgistics system.

Duplicate Checking

Volgistics prevents record duplication by automatically checking that any new volunteer entry is not already in the system.

Archive Capability

Archive the records of past volunteers, and restore the records of those who return from a break in service.


Mark selected volunteer records with Tags, then work with the tagged records as a set. Use this feature to view, report on, message, or archive these volunteers in a single step.

Multi-Site Access

Use Volgistics at one site or hundreds in a single organization. Operators at each site will only be able to view and manage the volunteers for their site, while your headquarters can see all volunteer records and set the standards for all sites.

With these functionalities, your organization can more easily track and organize your volunteer structure. On top of it all, Volgistics offers extensive data security and support for all users, with help from a team of dedicated support specialists and a library of step-by-step instructional videos and blog posts. With no software to install and no specific hardware needed, Volgistics makes it easy to start working toward your most effective volunteer workforce!

Automatic Email Reminders

Automatically send volunteers schedule and checklist reminders by email.

Birthday Lists

Birthday lists appear automatically when you first log in to Volgistics. Update them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

With these functionalities, your organization can easily track and organize volunteers and their activities. On top of all this, your organization can get any support it needs from Volgistics' detailed video tutorials and our free dedicated support team.

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