Healthcare Volunteer Recruiting Software

Volunteer recruitment is an essential part of a volunteer-based organization, especially healthcare organizations. However, the recruitment process comes with plenty of tedious tasks, from opportunity advertisement and application organization to volunteer registration. Fortunately, Volgistics volunteer management software helps your healthcare facility recruit volunteers more efficiently with an integrated recruitment system that streamlines the entire process.

Healthcare Recruiting Features

Volgistics' volunteer recruiting logistics software for health clinics includes several key features, each of which is designed to help your volunteer recruitment effort while minimizing data entry and other back-office tasks. These features include:

Online Opportunity Directory

Volgistics allows you to add volunteer opportunities to your website easily. All you need to do is copy and paste a link to a webpage available in your account, and the Volgistics system inserts an entire directory for you without redirecting visitors to another page. This Opportunity Directory allows potential volunteers to view any available opportunities, seeing the job descriptions, involved tasks, time requirements, and locations.

Online Volunteer Application Forms

The Volgistics system makes it easy to integrate online volunteer application forms into your website. Just copy and paste a link onto your website, or give it to your IT team, and you'll have a volunteer application form added to your site without needing to redirect to a third-party page. You can customize the application to fit your needs, including as much or as little information as you want.

Automatic Data Integration

Once a volunteer application is accepted by a volunteer manager or director, the Volgistics system automatically copies this information and creates a new volunteer profile. This process eliminates manual data entry for volunteer management and back-office staff, saving time and money for your organization.

Volunteer Scheduling

Allow volunteers to schedule certain shifts right from the application form. You can also find and schedule new volunteers quickly and easily for future shifts on a one-time or ongoing basis.

Volunteer Self-Scheduling

If your organization decides to use the optional VicNet or VicTouch modules, your new volunteers can easily see and sign up for any unfilled openings that they would like to fill, either from their home computer or in-house kiosk. This capability helps minimize the work for volunteer managers even more.

Extensive Security

The Volgistics system employs similar security as online banking platforms, keeping the data of both new and existing volunteers as secure as possible.

Comprehensive Guidance

If your volunteer managers need assistance learning how to use the recruiting programs, you'll be happy to know that Volgistics offers an extensive database of help topics. This database includes videos and written guides, which provide step-by-step explanations of how to use the features involved and perform specific tasks.

No Software to Install

The Volgistics volunteer recruiting system is entirely web-based, meaning that it requires no software installations, no specific hardware, and no updates or maintenance. You can let us take care of that. All you need in order to use the Volgistics recruiting system is a computer, web browser, and an internet connection.

No Required IT Support

With no required software or hardware, there's no need to involve your IT department in the setup and maintenance of your Volgistics system, which means reduced IT costs for your organization as a whole. If you ever need assistance, all you need to do is view the Volgistics' guidance documents or contact our dedicated support team for help.

With this volunteer recruiting software for the healthcare industry, your organization can ensure that its volunteer shifts are filled as quickly as possible while keeping costs to a minimum. On top of it all, Volgistics comes with plenty of reliable support, including comprehensive video guides and the prompt assistance of a support team. Our normal support hours are 8am – 9pm Eastern, but we are also available on the weekends and holidays.

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