Healthcare Volunteer Reporting Software

Reporting is a powerful tool that your healthcare facility can use to track volunteers and their activities. Volgistics makes it even more powerful with a user-friendly volunteer reporting system that features ready-made reports on everything from awards received to hours completed. Organize reports according to location, task, or volunteer to glean valuable information and even track the value of your volunteer force.

Healthcare Reporting Features

With Volgistics' volunteer reporting logistics software for the healthcare industry, volunteer managers can quickly and easily generate the reports they need to maintain compliance and keep their volunteer force functioning efficiently. Volgistics' easy-to-use interface includes the following key features:

Formatting options

Generate reports formatted to your preference. Choose a PDF format for easy printing or an Excel spreadsheet format for organizing and storing large quantities of volunteer information.

Automatic Reports

Schedule your more regular reports to run automatically on the days you need them.

Address Labels

Use Address label reports to print mailing labels for volunteers, coordinators, or volunteer contacts (such as references, employers, or emergency contacts). These reports work with sheet-fed labels for laser or inkjet printers.

Batch Reporting

Run batch summary reports if you post hours manually — this way, you can compare your data entry with your manual timesheets for accuracy.

Award Reporting

Awards reports list the volunteers eligible for specific awards, followed by additional fields of information as chosen by the managers of your account. You can use these reports to quickly find out who might be getting an award at your next recognition event.

Label Reports

Use label reports to print information from your volunteer records, such as names, address labels, or award information. These reports work well with sheet-fed labels and index cards for laser and inkjet printers.

Service Details

Service detail reports describe the individual service records for selected volunteers over a set period. This type of report is useful for comparing time sheets to database entries or reporting volunteer hours to a third party. It may include volunteer hours, merit hours, and other volunteer service measures that your organization tracks.

Service Summaries

These reports are an excellent tool for running monthly or annual volunteer service reports. They're often used to report a volunteer's service, including volunteer hours, merit hours, and other service measures to management, boards, or committees for review.

Volunteer List

Volunteer list reports are formatted in columns and rows, listing volunteers according to their alphabetical or numeric order, followed by any fields of information you choose to include.

Volunteer Profiles

This report presents all of a volunteer's critical information on a single page "hard-copy" for easy viewing and storage. Volunteer managers can pick the information they want to appear in this report, making it as concise or as detailed as they want.

Merit Hour Tracking

In addition to actual hours of volunteer service, bonus hours can be awarded to volunteers for specific services above and beyond their regular duties.

Service Value Tracking

Service value tracking allows you to assign a currency value to a volunteer's service by task or by hours, then uses the information to generate a report on how much value volunteers provided to your organization over a set period of time.

Service Measure Tracking

Some organizations track other measures instead of or in addition to hours. These measures can be anything from visitors greeted or patient rooms cleaned to meals delivered or care bags organized. You can track up to 14 of these service measures.

With this volunteer reporting system for hospitals and health clinics, your organization can keep on top of your volunteer data and use it to your advantage. In addition to these functions, Volgistics is entirely web-based, making it easily accessible, highly reliable, and completely scalable for healthcare organizations of any size. Best of all, Volgistics offers comprehensive support for its volunteer reporting system for hospitals, with detailed video tutorials and a dedicated support team available to answer your questions.

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