Document Storage Software for Healthcare Volunteers

Document storage is a critical tool for any organization's volunteer management system. Using Volgistics' volunteer document management storage system for the healthcare industry, your company or organization can make sure your volunteer information is nearby and organized in digital form, saving space and time with the use of a convenient tool for document management.

Healthcare Document Storage Features

Volgistics' document storage management software keeps all of your volunteer information in a single organized space, which means your entire volunteer department can go paperless. With the VicDocs module, your organization benefits from:

Storage in MultIple Formats

The VicDocs module manages and stores electronic data and documents in various highly used file formats, including PDF, XLS, DOC, TXT, PNG, JPG, and more, so you don't need to convert file formats to store them in your account. Save PDF, DOC, XLS or TXT copies of digitally submitted application documents, upload scans of paper applications and forms, or attach photos of volunteers and their identification to the appropriate records.

Search Uploads

The VicDocs system allows you to view and filter uploaded documents for any and all volunteers.

Upload and Download Capacity

You can upload documents to the VicDocs storage system, but you can also retrieve and download these documents back onto your computer if you need them.

Storage Capabilities

With VicDocs, your healthcare organization will have the capability to upload as many as 50 10MB documents for each coordinator, volunteer, place, assignment, or site. Additionally, the system is completely scalable, with the price of VicDocs based on the maximum number of volunteer records that are permitted for your account.

Storage Options

If you decide against using VicDocs, Volgistics can still help you with document storage. The system will store a PDF version of every application form submitted. It will place these applications on the Docs tab of each new volunteer record. You'll therefore always be able to see exactly how the form appeared and when it was submitted. This complementary feature will make sure you preserve any "I Agree" language that comes up on the application.

Extensive Security

The Volgistics system employs similar security as online banking platforms, keeping the data of both new and existing volunteers as secure as possible. All data is stored in a secure data center, making it great for storing contact information, driver's licenses, applications, waivers, and more. We take immense caution to guard the data of your volunteers. The system isn't, however, certified as HIPAA-compliant. Because it's not, we do not recommend storing any medical records using the VicDocs feature.

Comprehensive Guidance

If your volunteer department needs assistance learning how to use the VicDocs system, they'll benefit from the fact that Volgistics offers comprehensive support. Not only does our website contain an extensive database of help topics, including videos and written step-by-step guides explaining how to use the features to perform daily tasks, but we also provide live support from our dedicated support team of Volgistics specialists at no extra cost.

Absence of Software to Install

The Volgistics volunteer document storage management system for health clinics is entirely web-based. This means you don't need to install software, purchase specific hardware, or update or maintain the system. All you need is a computer, web browser, and internet connection to get started with the Volgistics VicDocs system.

Reduce IT support needs

With no required software or hardware, you don't need to involve your IT department in the setup and maintenance of your Volgistics system, which will reduce your IT costs.

With these functions, your organization can more easily keep track of volunteer documentation and reduce your use of paper forms. Remember, if you need assistance with your volunteer document management and storage software for your healthcare volunteers, Volgistics' support system is available, including a library of video tutorials and free, unlimited assistance from Volgistics' dedicated support team.

Just like with our VicTouch and VicNet systems, Volgistics bases the price for VicDocs on the maximum number of volunteer records allowed for your account. You can determine the total monthly cost using the Price Calculator or find the price for individual components in the Price List.

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