Healthcare Volunteer Scheduling Software

Your volunteer schedule is an essential part of your healthcare organization's structure. Make it easier to manage with a volunteer scheduling system for hospitals that's designed to automate as much as possible. Volgistics' volunteer scheduling logistics software for the healthcare industry is a robust system designed to help your organization make the most of its volunteer services with easy scheduling automation solutions, tracking options, and a web-based program that your volunteer managers can access at any time from any location.

Healthcare Scheduling Features

Volgistics' volunteer scheduling system for health clinics includes a variety of features and customizable options to help your organization's volunteer directors stay on top of their scheduling. Some features include:

Perpetual Scheduling

Schedule volunteers for ongoing and one-time tasks alike. You can schedule them for continuing duties by setting their hours at regular intervals or place a limit on them by selecting an end date for their services.

Schedule Openings

Develop schedules with shift openings in advance, giving volunteers a chance to sign up as they wish. This strategy also allows you to see how many opportunities are left unfilled in your schedule so that you can determine if you need to advertise for more volunteers.

Viewable Schedules

With this function, volunteer managers can view and print volunteer schedules in various formats, including monthly, weekly, and daily. They can also filter schedules according to volunteers, groups, sites, places, and assignments.

Substitute Tracking

Volgistics allows your healthcare organization to view and track substitute volunteers as needed. This process lets volunteer leaders see when someone substitutes in for another volunteer, viewing the name of both parties and the shift they're exchanging.

Volunteer and Manager Interaction

With the optional VicNet module, volunteers can view their schedule online from any computer connected to the internet. From here, they can update their availability, view and print their schedule, sign up for schedule openings, or remove themselves from days they are not available. Managers can also use the VicNet module for this purpose but can additionally see the volunteers they're scheduled to supervise. They can add or remove volunteers from a schedule as needed.

Text and Email Reminders

Administrators can send schedule reminders over text or email, either manually or automatically, on a daily or monthly basis.

Service Posting

If you schedule volunteers in advance, you have the option to post a volunteer's service directly from the schedule to the volunteer database.

Extensive Security

The Volgistics system uses high-level security in its software and data storage, keeping your volunteer information safe.

Comprehensive Guidance

If your volunteer managers need help learning the program, they'll be happy to know that Volgistics offers plenty of support, both with video tutorials explaining how to use the features and a dedicated support team.

Our support team is available to answer any questions you might have. Whether you're setting up your account for the first time, or looking for a new way to structure a report, we've got you covered at no extra cost.

No Need to Install Software

The Volgistics volunteer scheduling software is entirely web-based. You don't need specific hardware or software, and you don't need to perform regular updates or maintenance yourself. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to get started.

No Requirement for IT Support

With no hardware or software required, you don't need the support of an IT department when it comes to your Volgistics system, which means reduced IT costs for your organization as a whole.

With these scheduling functions, your organization can make sure that your volunteer schedules are filled quickly and communicated promptly. If you have any questions about your Volgistics volunteer scheduling system for your hospital, take a look at Volgistics' detailed video tutorials or contact the dedicated support team for assistance.

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