Healthcare Volunteer Database Management Software

The volunteer database system you use is an integral element of your healthcare organization and its volunteer structure. From storing information on both present and past volunteers to communicating with your current volunteer base, a quality volunteer database management system is essential for the healthcare industry.

Volgistics offers a solution with a high-quality volunteer database management logistics software built for healthcare facilities and their unique needs. Accessible from anywhere and capable of storing vast amounts of data, the Volgistics system can help make your volunteer base into a more powerful and more organized workforce for your healthcare organization.

Features of Healthcare Database Management

The Volgistics database management system is a sophisticated, high-quality relational database that stores volunteer information for maximum functionality. This volunteer database management software for health clinics, which is entirely web-based, is built to be as accessible, customizable, and user-friendly as possible so that your volunteer services can better meet your organization's needs. Some features of this system include:

Volunteer Messaging

Easily store contact information within the Volgistics volunteer database software and send messages to your volunteer base. The system can send text and email messages to your volunteers using their preferred communication method to update them on notifications, schedules, opportunities, and improve their engagement, boosting overall retention.

Access Anywhere

Access the web-based Volgistics volunteer database anywhere, any time you need to, with any computer that has a connection to the internet. No matter where you are, whether you're at home, in your office, or traveling, you can gain access to and use volunteer information with the Volgistics application.

Automatic Backups

Volgistics automatically backs up your database each day so that your volunteer managers don't have to. This way, your volunteer data is saved and protected in the event of a disaster or system malfunction. You can also create additional backups for your own storage.

Private Access

The Volgistics volunteer database management system for healthcare facilities comes with procedural privacy controls, so you control your own data and who is able to access it.

Assignment Tracking

Keep complete records of medical volunteers and their assignment histories, all stored and maintained in the Volgistics volunteer database system. The application can also organize assignments by specific departments, programs, or locations, so you can quickly get view volunteer lists that are for specific assignment types.

Volunteer Matching

This volunteer database management system can be used by hospitals to pair volunteers with appropriate assignments based on their age, skill set, availability, and preferences. This function can also be used to match tasks with those who are available at the time.

Customizable Fields

Customize all the fields in your database, hiding, deleting, renaming, and adding fields as needed.

Extensive Security

Volgistics utilizes the same security measures as many online platforms for banking, ensuring that your volunteer information is kept safe and secure.

Comprehensive Guidance

Volgistics features a help system with an extensive library of topics, each of which offers detailed instructions about the way to properly use each system function and perform everyday office tasks for volunteers in the software.

No Software to Install

As a web-based platform, the Volgistics volunteer database system requires just a computer and a connection to the internet. That means no software installations, no specialized hardware, and no updates or maintenance for your volunteer management to oversee.

No IT Support Required

With no in-house software, your system doesn't require any IT support from your in-house team, meaning fewer IT costs for your organization. If you need any assistance with the system, just contact Volgistics' dedicated support team for help.

These database features make it easy for your volunteer management team to access as well as track volunteer information. Even better, if you ever have questions about the system or need assistance learning how to complete a specific task, you can visit the Volgistics site to get in touch with our dedicated, quality support team or watch in-depth video tutorials.

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