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Tags Overview


Helpful Hints for Using Tags

Tags provide an easy way for you to temporarily mark selected volunteer records. Tags save you time by letting you perform certain tasks for all of the tagged volunteers at once. After you tag one or more volunteers you can:

  • View just the tagged volunteers
  • Post hours for the tagged volunteers
  • Send email to all of the tagged volunteers
  • Send text messages to all of the tagged volunteers
  • Run reports that include just the tagged volunteers
  • Insert a Date record for all of the tagged volunteers
  • Change the Status for all of the tagged volunteers
  • Add or insert a Type or Flag into all of the tagged records
  • Archive the tagged volunteer records
  • Delete the tagged volunteer records

You can determine if a particular volunteer is tagged or not by looking at the Tag icon in the volunteer's record. If the Tag icon is filled, the record is tagged. If it is not filled, the record is not tagged. You can see the Tag icon on the list of volunteers, as well as inside volunteer records.

On the volunteer list, the Tag icon looks like this:

Inside a volunteer's record the Tag icon looks like this:

When you first login to Volgistics, none of your volunteer records are tagged.

You can tag a volunteer simply by clicking the Tag icon in their record (there are other ways to tag volunteer records, too).

You can tag as many volunteers as you want to.

Once you tag a volunteer's record, it stays tagged until you un-tag it, exit from Volgistics, or your Volgistics session ends. (If you want tagged records to be available each time you login, check out the Permanently Mark Tagged Records help topic). If you no longer need to work with a group of tagged records, you can un-tag them all at once like this:

  1. Choose Tags from the menu.
  2. Click the Clear all tags button.

Tags apply only to your Volgistics sessions. If you and someone else from your organization use Volgistics at the same time, your tags will not affect the other operator's, and their tags will not affect you. In other words, the records that you tag will only appear tagged at your computer.


Helpful Hints for Using Tags