VicNet Online Volunteer Portal

VicNet is the optional module that gives volunteers online access. With VicNet, volunteers can check their schedules, sign-up for schedule openings, update their profile information, post their service, and receive messages from you-- all from any Internet-connected computer.

Online Volunteer Portal

With VicNet, volunteers can:

...and coordinators can:

VicNet works seamlessly with your Volgistics account, and you control the degree and kinds of access volunteers can have. You manage VicNet from the Setup area inside your Volgistics account.

Volunteers and coordinators use a login name and password to access their information, and they can interact from any Internet connected computer: at home, work, or on the road. Volunteers get to VicNet through a link on your own web site, and you can "brand" the service to match your site.

Benefits of Online Volunteer Management Software

If you have been managing your volunteer organization mainly through face-to-face communication and phone calls, you may be wondering why you need online volunteer software. As you grow, you will quickly discover why a reliable online volunteer management system is so important.

In today's non-profit environments, online access for volunteer managers and their volunteers is critical. For efficiency purposes, allowing your coordinators to manage volunteers online is a must. Many volunteer organizations have a large number of volunteers, and each coordinator may be responsible for managing a considerable group at any given time. With the right online volunteer management system, coordinators can know at a moment's notice which volunteers they have access to and where they are located.

An online system also means your volunteer managers can set schedules and communicate with volunteers at any time from anywhere they can get online, which makes the jobs of overworked volunteer coordinators much easier. This promotes efficiency and leads to less coordinator burnout and turnover.

Your volunteers, especially younger volunteers, will probably expect to be able to manage their volunteer hours online. Online hour management is becoming more and more standard for both commercial and non-profit organizations, and if you wish to attract and maintain volunteers for yours, you will definitely want to be able to offer them this service.

Volunteers will appreciate being able to check their schedule and make adjustments to their available hours when necessary online. If they are performing mandatory community service, they will want 24-hour access to how many hours they have been credited with and how many more they will need to provide.

A good online volunteer management system dramatically improves communication among all your staff, which improves morale and prevents errors. You are much less likely to have too many people show up to an event (or not enough) when you have an online management system clearly outlining everyone's responsibilities that they can check at any time.

VicNet allows you to control exactly how much access volunteers have, making it simple to distribute all of the information volunteers need without allowing them access to sensitive tools or databases that are only for staff or volunteer coordinators. It's a great companion to Volgistics for digitally managing the important logistical aspects of your operation.

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