Volunteer Tracking

Volgistics helps you track volunteer information in a user-friendly interface that is easy to use.


Individual volunteer records have a simple tab format that makes it easy to keep your information organized, which can help you find information quickly.


Easily find individual volunteer records by last or first name, number, or email address. Use Sets to search for volunteers based on information in their record, such as "everyone who served in March 2012," or "active volunteers with a birthday this month."

Flags & Types

Organize volunteers using classifications such as adult, junior, employee, RSVP, periodic, etc. Easily view, print, or email volunteers based on these classifications.


Track, schedule and report on groups of volunteers without having to create a separate record for each individual member of the group. Choose to allow the group leaders to schedule their group online. More...


Create and save custom "Sets" of volunteers based on information in your volunteer records (e.g. "volunteers who served last year," "volunteers with birthdays in September," etc.). Easily view, print, or email the volunteers in any Set in one easy step.

Text & email management

Send text messages and email to individual volunteers or coordinators; all volunteers in a selected Set or Assignment; or to every volunteer. Volunteers can choose the kinds of texts or email they would like to receive from your organization. Built-in message opt-out features let you send messages responsibly. Automatic delivery status tracking helps you identify bad numbers and email addresses. More...


Mark selected volunteer records on-the-fly with Tags. Then work with the tagged records as a set: view, print, or send email to them. Insert data; change their status; or archive the tagged volunteers in a single step.

Volunteer Contacts

Track each volunteer's emergency contact, references, parent or guardian, employer, or any other contact you choose.


Put a face to a name by uploading volunteer photos. If you use VicNet, volunteers can upload their own photo.


Track the requirements volunteers must complete to become and remain active, such as application forms, background or reference checks, health screenings, and training. See instantly who needs to complete a requirement, and which ones individual volunteers have or have not completed.


Simply set up criteria for recognition based on service and let Volgistics do the rest. See who is ready to receive any award and easily print award eligibility lists. Post awards which have been presented in one easy step. Keep recognition history for each volunteer.

Automatic email reminders

Automatically send volunteers schedule and checklist reminders by email.

Birthday lists

Birthday lists appear automatically when you first login to Volgistics. Update them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Duplicate checking

Volgistics helps prevent duplicate records by checking to be sure there is not already a record for new volunteers you enter.


Archive the records for volunteers who no longer participate, then optionally restore the archived record if the volunteer returns.

Multi-Site Access

Use Volgistics at one site, or hundreds. Operators at each site see just the volunteers for their site. Headquarters sees all volunteer records and sets the standards for all sites. More...

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