Faith-Based Organizations

Faith-based organizations (FBOs) are charitable groups or nonprofits affiliated with a religious group or inspired by religious beliefs. These organizations can include places of worship but are not limited to them. Many FBOs have more specific charitable missions, like housing low-income families or creating food drives to serve the community.

These organizations depend on volunteers to serve their communities, but volunteer management can pose challenges. Whether you need support with volunteering in the church or retaining volunteers for faith-based missions, the right tools can help you achieve your goals.

Why Invest in Faith-Based Volunteer Software?

Faith-based groups face various challenges when managing volunteers, and purpose-built software can provide the support these organizations need to address these issues. Some of the most significant points of friction for these groups include:

Volunteers play a critical role in faith-based organizations because these entities often rely on small groups of staff. Investing in volunteer management software is an investment in your organization's future. When your volunteers feel engaged, they contribute to your larger mission and help your organization grow and thrive.

Benefits of Faith-Based Volunteer Management Software

With Volgistics, your faith-based group can experience the full benefits of purpose-built software.


The recruiting process is a crucial first step for developing your pool of church volunteers. Volgistics volunteer management software features an intuitive workflow for posting volunteer opportunities on your website, collecting information, and syncing data.

With these tools, you can spread the word within your faith-based community and eliminate the need for time-consuming manual data entry. Recruit volunteers faster and start working on your goals sooner.


Reviewing applications is yet another time commitment. With Volgistics, you can collect all of the required information on your application form, and send it right into your database. Whether a volunteer is a long-time member of your organization or a new attendee, you can access all their contact information in a single place.


When your staff balances several processes daily, the volunteer scheduling process may fall lower on the priority list. However, the volunteer schedule plays a huge role in retention and engagement. Volgistics volunteer management software has scheduling features that streamline this process for every staff member and volunteer.

Scheduling features include one-time, interval, and ongoing schedule types that allow you to define working hours for volunteers weeks in advance. Volunteers can plan around their hours accordingly to help with retention, and staff members can save time. Additionally, volunteers can use the online portal to schedule themselves to reduce the workload for your internal team.


Staying informed about total volunteer hours and the goals achieved is critical for improving your volunteer program and using your resources wisely. Use volunteer management software to access logged hours for every volunteer, review skillsets for individuals, and look into past volunteer projects to uncover volunteer strengths.

These capabilities can help you maximize your volunteers' talents and create a program that supports your church's growth. Easily integrate this data into your scheduling processes to build impressive teams for every project.


Is your church office packed with filing cabinets bursting at the seams? Volgistics can be your first step in going paperless. With church volunteer management software, your faith-based group can organize all volunteer documents electronically. Use the system to easily locate contact information, scheduling, and other information, so you can sidestep the file cabinet and save time.

Database Management

With all your volunteer data stored in the Volgistics system, you can trust all sensitive information is secure. Encryption and a protected data center keep everything safe in transit and storage. While security measures keep data out of the wrong hands, your staff can still easily access contact information and volunteer data when needed.

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At Volgistics, we understand the importance of volunteer management and how it impacts organizations of all sizes. Volgistics is purpose-built to help organizations like yours retain and engage with volunteers while contributing to a larger mission. While we give you the foundation for an organized volunteer program, your dedicated staff can continue to build the connections and goals that support your community.

Count on Volgistics as an extension of your team as you contribute to your organization's growth. Sign up for a free trial today to discover the many features of Volgistics, or reach out to us to learn more.

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