Volunteer Software for Aquariums

Whether you run a small local aquarium or an elaborate site in the big city, volunteers are often the key to your operations. From cleaning tanks and public areas to feeding the creatures and checking water conditions, there are many people and individual duties that come together to make your aquarium successful.

Manage your aquarium volunteers with Volgistics, a fully online tracking and scheduling platform that helps organizations such as yours operate more efficiently. Volgistics includes many rich, customizable features for your specific location, making it one of the most flexible volunteer tracking platforms for aquariums available.

Core Features of Volunteer Management Software for Aquariums

With Volgistics, add volunteer information, such as ages, locations, service preferences, emergency contacts, references, and photographs, to profiles and keep a detailed history of services. You can also categorize volunteers and add custom fields, such as t-shirt size or number of visitor tours given.

Here are some of the features that are most useful for managing aquarium volunteers.

VicTouch — Volunteer Check-In

When volunteers have to keep track of their own hours and busy managers log these shifts manually, the process can be burdensome. Fortunately, VicTouch on-site kiosks offer a convenient alternative that allows accurate hour tracking and volunteer communication in one module. Volunteers simply sign in to the kiosk when they arrive at the aquarium and sign out when they leave, and Volgistics automatically counts their service.

VicNet — Online Volunteer Portal

VicNet, an optional portal service, works seamlessly with your volunteer profiles in Volgistics. Volunteers can edit their profile details, manage schedules, and check service information. Administrators can also set permissions for user access, ideal for managing a set of volunteers at one of several sites or under different supervisors. Volunteers can also view important messages you post to VicNet, so they're always updated.

Checklist Items

Your new and ongoing aquarium volunteers will often need training and verification, and Volgistics helps you track these requirements individually. Create custom items to check off for orientation attendance, health screening completion, training, or background checks. Identify volunteers who need to get the information to you or are due for renewals. This checklist feature of our aquarium volunteer software keeps your procedures and requirements organized, so you'll spend less time tracking them down.

Schedule Reminders

Volgistics allows for one-time task scheduling or ongoing duties. Managers can also send automatic text or email schedules to aquarium volunteers, and print their own schedules, so their aquarium responsibilities are known well in advance. If a volunteer realizes they can't serve on a scheduled day, they can remove themselves and alert their supervisor through the online platform — making it easier for you to find a substitute.

Discover the Benefits of Online Aquarium Volunteer Management

Engage and retain your volunteer aquarium workers with management software that tracks and organizes day-to-day operations. We make it almost effortless to integrate Volgistics in your aquarium locations with available database conversions. In addition to expert customer support services, we have a vast online library of helpful articles and video tutorials to get you started with our software.

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