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If you're interested in using the Jump-Start service to transfer your key volunteer data into Volgistics, use this Jump-Start Upload page to send us your current volunteer database files.

How to upload your files

Use the Browse buttons below to browse for each file you would like to send. The files you're sending must be located on your computer, or on a network your computer is attached to. Once you've selected each of the files you want to send, click the Send button, then wait for the file upload confirmation before closing your browser window (this may take several minutes, or longer; depending on the size of your files and the speed of your internet connection).

For faster transfers, or if you have more than six files to send, compress the files into a single "zip" file using zip utility or a Microsoft Windows compressed folder.

File Upload

Please enter your Jump-Start service request number. If you have not obtained a request number yet, please visit the Jump-Start service request page to place your request first.

Click the Browse button(s) to select the file(s) you want to send to Volgistics, then click the Send button to start the transfer.

Once you start the transfer, do not close your browser until you receive a file Upload Confirmation. Closing your browser or internet connection before you receive this confirmation will cancel the transfer.

Click Send to start the transfer:

Which files should I send?

Send only the files that contain your volunteer information. You do not need to send the entire program from which you are converting. If you're not sure which files contain your information, you can send all of the files from your current database and we will attempt to determine which contain your information.

Files that contain volunteer data typically end with file name extensions DAT, DBF, XLS, MDB, TXT, or CSV, although yours may have an extension other than any of these. We typically do not require files that end with file name extensions EXE or DLL.

How else can I send my files?

The fastest way to send your files is through this Jump-Start upload page. If you have a large number of files to transfer, a low band-width connection, or you simply do not want to transfer your files online, you can send them on a CD, DVD or flash drive.

When sending data on CD, DVD or flash drive, please:

Send disk(s) to:

Volgistics, Inc.
400 76th St SE
Suite 9
Byron Center, MI 49315

Is this secure?

The Jump-Start Upload page uses 256-bit secured-socket layer (SSL) data encryption—the same level of encryption used in online banking. With SSL, your data files are encrypted – or scrambled – as they travel from your computer to the Volgistics data center.

Once we receive your data files we safeguard them with the same physical and network security, and privacy policy used to keep your Volgistics database safe. We destroy the data files you send for conversion once your Jump-Start is complete.

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