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It's easy to get the Jump-Start Service started. Just complete this Request form and then click the Continue button. You'll receive a Jump-Start Service request number needed to upload your current data files and for future correspondence concerning your data.

Volgistics account

Enter your nine-digit Volgistics account number. If you don't have a Volgistics account yet, you must start an account first.

Contact person

Please provide the name and email address of the person we should communicate with concerning the transfer of the key volunteer information from your old database into Volgistics.

Am I under any obligation if I place a Request?

No. After you upload your current database we will assess your data files to be sure we can extract your key volunteer information from them, and determine what the actual Jump Start service fee will be. At that point you decide if you want to continue with the Jump-Start Service or not. The Jump-Start Service fee applies only if you choose to continue at that point.

Who should the contact person be?

Normally this is someone familiar with the information your old database contains. For example, a leader or administrator in the volunteer office, an information services specialist, or a volunteer who has been responsible for record keeping. If we have questions about the key volunteer information in your old database, the contact person is who we will communicate with.

If the person you list as the contact person is not the Volgistics Administrator for your account, we will automatically 'carbon-copy' your Volgistics Administrator(s) with any communication concerning the Jump-Start Service. This helps keep everyone informed if there are several people involved.

If I already have a request number, where do I upload my current datafiles?

If you already have a Jump Start Service request number and you're ready to send us your current datafiles for assessment, use the upload page to upload your current files.

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