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The people at Volgistics have helped thousands of volunteer organizations not only use, but also adapt to changes in technology.
Following the release of Volgistics in 2004, Red Ridge began offering new customers a choice of either VolunteerWorks or Volgistics. Given this choice, organizations picked Volgistics over VolunteerWorks in large numbers. By 2007 new VolunteerWorks software sales had dropped to almost none as organizations chose to adopt Volgistics instead. In addition, many organizations that used VolunteerWorks began switching to Volgistics. We're not surprised by this trend, and we believe Volgistics is the best solution for most organizations.
Given this shift in market demand toward the Volgistics system, Red Ridge has officially announced plans for the retirement of the VolunteerWorks program, and has developed tools and services to help existing VolunteerWorks customers upgrade to the Volgistics service.
As explained on the 2008 support service renewal form:
  • Red Ridge will continue to provide telephone and online support for the VolunteerWorks program through December 31, 2008. Beginning on January 1, 2009 VolunteerWorks support services will be provided online only (phone support will end December 31, 2008, online support will be provided thereafter).
  • Organizations may renew VolunteerWorks support subscriptions for online support through the end of 2008.
  • The VolunteerTools service will be discontinued on December 31, 2008. Organizations that use VolunteerTools should upgrade to Volgistics sometime during 2008.
  • Organizations that have or renew VolunteerWorks support services may receive a Volgistics credit for the remaining balance of their support service fee at the time they convert to Volgistics.
  • A free data conversion process is available to organizations that use VolunteerWorks version 3 for moving existing volunteer data from VolunteerWorks into Volgistics. A Volgistics Conversion utility is available for VolunteerWorks, or Volgistics can convert an organization's VolunteerWorks data into their Volgistics account at no cost.
  • New VolunteerWorks systems are no longer available for sale.
  • As of December 31, 2009 all support for VolunteerWorks will be discontinued. Questions regarding conversion to Volgistics can be asked here.

In 2008 Volgistics marked its 20th anniversary. For more than 20 years the Volgistics team has developed and continually supported software for people who lead volunteer programs. Along the way they have helped thousands of volunteer organizations not only use, but also adapt to changes in technology.

Our history began in 1988 with the introduction of the MS-DOS volunteer management software program called "SAM". In the early 90's, Red Ridge helped hundreds of organizations move from that early MS-DOS based program to the Windows based VolunteerWorks program. Many organizations had grown attached to the original SAM program and many were initially reluctant to migrate to VolunteerWorks. Of course organizations quickly realized the advantages of the Windows® operating system over MS-DOS and VolunteerWorks was widely adopted. Today we are seeing a similar evolution as organizations migrate from VolunteerWorks to Volgistics. And, as with earlier transitions Volgistics will be here to pave the way.

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