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Search Based on Text Number Validity

This help topic explains how to define a Set to find volunteers based on their text number validity. To create a Set using this rule:

  1. Choose Sets from the menu
  2. Click the Create a new set button.
  3. Enter a name for your Set
  4. Select Their text number validity from the Include volunteers in this set based on dropdown list. This option will not appear in the dropdown list unless you have enabled text messaging in your account.
  5. Click the Continue button.

This Set rule can capture volunteers whose text numbers have been classified as green (good), yellow (some failures), red (bad) and/or white (undetermined). Volgistics uses a validity tracking feature to determine a number's validity.

You can choose to include volunteers whose text number validity is or is not any of those selected, and you can choose as many of the validity options as desired.