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Preregister for Training

If you have training events for which volunteers must pre-register, adding them as Assignments and creating openings for the dates and times of the training events, just like any other volunteer Assignment, is usually the best way to track them.

If you don't want to add them to the schedule in Volgistics, you can track these pre-registrations on the History tab instead.

If you haven't done so already, start by adding the training activity you want to pre-register for to the 'Class event' field on the History tab. For step-by-step instructions on how do this visit How do I track volunteer training?.

When a volunteer pre-registers:

  1. Choose Volunteers from the menu.
  2. Locate and click that volunteer's record.
  3. Click on the volunteer's History tab
  4. If necessary, scroll down until you see the Dates box. Use the Add section to add the registration:
  5. In the Add a drop-down field, select Class
  6. In the Event drop-down field, select the class the volunteer is pre-registering for.
  7. Enter the date of the class.
  8. In the Notation drop down list select Registered to show that the volunteer is registered for the class.
  9. Click the Save button. The training registration entry now appears in the Dates box on this volunteer's History tab.