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Automatic Volunteer Number Settings

Automatic Volunteer Numbers

If you use the volunteer number field, and you choose not to assign your own volunteer numbers, Volgistics automatically assigns a number to each new volunteer record. New volunteer records can be made by importing your current data into your Volgistics account, having a System Operator manually input the information for a new record, or having the prospective volunteer complete an online application form.

This help topic explains how to choose the method Volgistics uses to assign numbers automatically. Follow these steps to customize your choice:

  1. Choose Setup from the menu.
  2. Expand Field Options.
  3. Select Core Tab.
  4. Click on the Number field link.
  5. Use the Automatic PIN numbering selection to change the way numbers are assigned automatically. You can learn about each option below.
  6. Click the Save button to save your changes.

Automatic Numbering Options

If you use the optional VicTouch time clock feature, you should consider security as well as convenience when selecting how Volgistics assigns numbers automatically. This is because the volunteer's number is the PIN they use when they clock in and out at VicTouch. If someone knows a volunteer's PIN, they could sign in as the volunteer. This could impact the volunteer's service hours, and if you have the Schedule screen enabled others could learn when the volunteer is scheduled to serve.

If these potential problems are a concern, the Random method for PINs will provide the most security. If the potential problems are not a concern, it is perfectly acceptable to choose a more convenient method such as using the volunteer's phone number. No matter which option is selected, the system has built-in ways to let volunteers know what PIN to use.


With this option, Volgistics will automatically assign a random number that is between 4 and 6 digits long. This reduces the likelihood that volunteers will have sequential numbers.

Primary (or Home) Phone

If your account was started after January 13, 2023, you'll see this option as Primary Phone. If your account was started before January 13, 2023, this option will show as Home. In either case, with this option the system attempts to assign the last seven digits of the phone number in the Primary Phone or Home phone field. If no phone number is entered, or if another volunteer already has the number, Volgistics assigns a random number that is between 4 and 6 digits long. This is a good option for situations where you want to quickly get new volunteers into the system and have them sign-in to the VicTouch station.

Update Home Phone

If you have an older account that has Home as the field title, you can optionally change the field's name to Primary or Best Contact (or whatever suits you).


Choose this option if you prefer that new volunteer numbers be assigned automatically in a sequential order. With this option selected, Volgistics will automatically assign the next highest unused volunteer number, starting with the lowest number already used. If no volunteer records have previously been added to an account, numbering will begin at 1000. To cause numbering to start with a number less than 1,000 enter the first volunteer record and manually assign that volunteer record the number you wish to start with (by entering the number in the Number field on the Core tab).

If you archive volunteer records, the archived records keep their volunteer number. So a volunteer number will not be reused as long as any volunteer record, archived or not archived, has that number.

Automatic Numbering and Current Volunteer Records

Changing the way volunteer numbers are automatically assigned will not retroactively change the volunteer numbers in any existing volunteer records. The system does not currently provide any method for automatically changing existing volunteer numbers. However, you can change existing volunteer numbers by editing the Number field in individual volunteer records. To do this:

  1. Choose Volunteers from the menu.
  2. Locate and click the volunteer record you want to update
  3. Select the Number field on the Core tab
  4. Enter a new number you'd like
  5. Click the Save button.

Volunteer numbers may be up to nine digits long, and they must contain numbers only (no letter characters, spaces, or punctuation). Volunteer numbers also cannot have leading zeros (for example, 000123 will be changed to 123). In addition, no two volunteer records can have the same volunteer number. If you try to save a volunteer record with a number that is already in use, Volgistics will ask you to choose a different number before saving the record.

Automatic Volunteer Numbers