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Archived Versus Non-Archived Records

In Volgistics, your account is divided into two sections--the non-archived records and the archived records. Your account's service level determines how many records you can have in each section.

The non-archived section is designed to allow you to manage records. Records in this section can have service recorded, be placed on the schedule, receive email communication, be grouped by adding tags, and are available in all types of reports.

The archived section is designed for record storage. All volunteer information (with the exception of their schedule) is still available on the record and it can be restored to the non-archived section at any time. However, these records are much more limited as to what can be done with them. For example, volunteers with archived records:

  • Do not appear on Volgistics reports by default except for Service Summary and Service Details reports. Archived records are also included in Excel Spreadsheet and Statistic reports when the report is setup to include them. Archived records cannot be included on any other report type. See the Include Archived Records help topic in the Reports category for more information on this.
  • Cannot be scheduled for new assignments and will not appear on any schedules they were previously assigned to.
  • Cannot be tagged.
  • Cannot use the VicNet or VicTouch modules.
  • Cannot receive email, text, or VicMail messages.
  • Do not appear on the Birthday List.
  • Cannot be combined with other archived records.

Because of this more limited functionality, archived records cost significantly less on a record-by-record basis than non-archived records. This makes them a good option for records you want to keep, but where you do not need to actively manage the volunteer.

Your account's service fee is based on the number of non-archived and archived records you keep. Moving records from one area to the other allows you to more carefully manage your costs. For example, let's say your account currently has a limit of 500 non-archived records, and you have 480 non-archived records and 80 archived records. You will only be able to add 20 additional records to the non-archived section and then you will reach your limit of 500 records. However, if you archive 15 records, your account will now have 465 non-archived records and 95 archived records. So now you can add 35 records to the non-archived section before the limit of 500 records is reached.

Archive Versus Status

Please note that the archived and non-archived sections of your account are a separate, independent designation from a volunteer's Status. A volunteer record can have any Status that is setup in your account in either the archived or the non-archived section of your account. So an archived record could have the Active Status even though it is in the archived section. Some organizations choose to create a custom Status called Archived. While this may be useful for them, a record with the Status of Archived could be in either the archived or the non-archived section of your account.

Including Archived Records on Reports