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Welcome Page Statistics

For your convenience, Volgistics displays an Account Statistics box on the Welcome screen. The statistics displayed here give you an overview of your volunteer database. The Welcome page appears when you first login to Volgistics, or when you choose Welcome from the menu.

The Administrator(s) for each account can select to have the Account Statistics box show, or not show, for each System Operator who can log in to the account. So if you do not see the Account Statistics box it means it is disabled for your operator record. The This operator is allowed to section of the System Operator Settings help topic explains how Administrators can control whether the Account Statistics box shows or not.

If your account has Site Level Access enabled, and you are a Site-Level or Multi-Site Level operator limited to viewing one Site at a time, you will see statistics for all the records for your organization. So when you view the statistics information, you will need to keep in mind that this is for your entire organization--not just the records you see in your view of the account.

The Account Statistics box includes:

Volunteer records

The total number of non-archived volunteer records in your account. This count includes every volunteer record in your database no matter what the volunteer's Status is. You can find a count for just specific groups of records by following the directions in the Get Volunteer Record Count help topic.

Archived volunteer records

The total number of volunteer records archived in your account. Archived records are records that have been moved from the non-archived section into a special section designed to store records for volunteers who are no longer active. You can find a count for just specific groups of archived records by following the directions in the Get Volunteer Record Count help topic.

Archive Versus Status

Please note that the archived and non-archived sections of your account are a separate, independent designation from a volunteer's Status. A volunteer record can have any Status that is set up in your account in either the archived or the non-archived section. So an archived record could have the Active Status even though it is in the archived section. Some organizations choose to create a custom Status called Archived. While this may be useful for them, a record with the Status of Archived could be in either the archived or the non-archived section of your account.

Cumulative hours of service

The sum of all hours of service entered in Volgistics for all volunteer records in your database. The cumulative hours total includes service entered for all volunteers no matter if the record is in the non-archived or archived section of your account. You can learn the different ways service can be entered into your account in the Methods for Posting Service help topic.

Volgistics updates this statistic every 24 hours during the overnight maintenance cycle. Therefore, this figure includes all service entries, changes, or deletions made through the end of the prior day. Service entries posted, changed, or deleted on the current date will not appear in this statistic until tomorrow.

If you need service hour totals for specific time periods, or just certain groups of volunteers, you can run a service report. You can learn more about these reports in the Service Details and Service Summary report help topics.