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Volgistics Phone Number

Volgistics does not operate a call center so there is not a phone number where you can reach us. At first this may seem surprising, but the decision was made based on our experience during the time when the company made VolunteerWorks, our previous volunteer management software. With VolunteerWorks, we operated a phone support center and found it led to frustration for our customers due to factors such as long hold times, the inability to share information visually, and customers forgetting steps discussed during calls. We decided to offer support differently with Volgistics.

The Volgistics support model provides:

  • Faster Response Times. During support hours our average response time is 10 minutes or less, and you're not stuck on hold waiting for your answer! You can continue to work after you submit your question.
  • Increased Support Coverage. Our support team is available to answer questions 13 hours a day on weekdays from 8am to 9pm Eastern. On Saturday, our team is here from 11am to 4pm Eastern. Additionally, a support team member logs in at least once Saturday evening and three times throughout the day on Sundays (and on U.S. holidays) to answer questions.
  • Visual Communication. The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is true. Our support team can share resources from our help topic and video library showing screenshots and step-by-step directions to answer your questions. Account holders can also send in screenshots with their questions to clarify the problem they are experiencing.
  • Access to Previous Responses. Account holders can sort and search through their previous inquiries and responses to save time. For example, if you need a yearend report and forgot how to get it, you can find last year's directions instead of spending the extra time asking the same question.
  • Free and Unlimited Help. There are not any additional charges or caps for Volgistics support. Ask as many questions as needed without worrying about extra fees. Support is free, unlimited, and never expires.

Submit Your Questions

If you've logged-in to your Volgistics account, the best way to contact us is to select Support on your menu.:

Image of Support on Menu

Then, click the Send an Inquiry button:

Image of Send an Inquiry Button

You can learn more about how to submit inquires (such as how to include a screenshot along with your question) in Contact Support.

If you don't have an account, or are not able to access your account, contact support by going to and clicking the Contact Support link.

Image of Contact Support on Menu

Complete the form and submit your question, and the team will get back with you promptly.

Volgistics also offers a complete help library that may have the information you need. You can find details on how to use the online library in Using the Help Topic Library.