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Volgistics Cookies

"Cookies" are small computer files saved on your computer by some websites you visit. A website that leaves a cookie on your computer can read the information in that cookie if you visit that website again in the future. Cookies are often used by websites to remember something about you (such as your login name or customer number).

All popular web browsers - and many firewalls - give you the option of blocking cookies, or allowing cookies only from certain web sites.

You do not need to permit cookies in order to use Volgistics. However, if your browser and firewall do permit cookies from then Volgistics can remember certain parts of your account credentials so you do not need to enter that information every time you log in.

If your web browser blocks all cookies, you can make an exception so cookies from Volgistics are allowed. This gives you the option of blocking cookies from all other sites, while still letting Volgistics remember your login information. Here is how to do this for the popular web browsers.


To add Volgistics to the cookie exception list in Firefox:

  1. Select the Firefox menu in the top right, and select Options.
  2. Select Privacy on the left hand menu.
  3. In the History section, select Use custom settings for history from the Firefox will dropdown.
  4. Next to Accept cookies from sites click the Exceptions... button.
  5. Under Address of website, enter and click the Allow button.
  6. Click the Save Changes button.


Safari does not have a setting to allow just cookies from Volgistics. However, you can set it to allow cookies from Volgistics and other websites by:

  1. Select Safari from the menu, and choose Preferences.
  2. Click the Privacy tab.
  3. In the Cookies and website data section, select either Allow from websites I visit (recommended), or Always allow.


To configure Chrome to allow cookies from Volgistics

  1. Select the Chrome menu in the top right, and choose Settings.
  2. Click Show advanced settings...
  3. Under Privacy, click the Content settings... button.
  4. Under Cookies, click the Manage exceptions... button.
  5. Enter an exception for and be sure the Behavior dropdown is set to Allow.
  6. Click the Done button.

Can't Get Volgistics to Remember Your Account Credentials?

If you've set your web browser to permit cookies from Volgistics, but your login credentials are still not saved when you check Remember my credentials at this computer, it may be that your browser is clearing cookies when it exits. You should double-check your browser settings to see if this is the case.

Another possibility is that your network has a firewall or group policy that blocks cookies. In this case, you will need to ask the person who manages your netowrk to be sure the security settings permit cookies from

Blocking Cookies from Volgistics

If you have a computer that is shared by two or more different Volgistics System Operators, you may want to prevent Volgistics from saving any System Operator login credentials at that computer (so each system operator will be required to enter their own login name and password when they use this computer). If this is the case, and you have access to the Setup page, you can prevent Volgistics from saving these account credentials like this:

  1. Choose Setup from the menu.
  2. Expand Account Management
  3. Click Cookies
  4. In the Block section, click the Block button.

When cookies from Volgistics are blocked from the Cookies page, the Login page remembers the account number but not any user's email address or password on that computer. The Login page also no longer contains the Remember my credentials at this computer checkbox.

If you have saved your login name or account number to a cookie previously, and you no longer want your saved account number or login name to appear when you open the Secure Login page, clear the cookies in your web browser.