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Vendor and Security Questionnaires

Prospective customers sometimes ask us to complete surveys or questionnaires about our business; the systems and practices we use to provide our service; its security and privacy provisions; or system features and capabilities.

We understand the need organizations have to ensure that hosted applications meet certain standards, and we are committed to helping organizations in these efforts as they evaluate Volgistics. Because these surveys are frequently similar and often quite extensive, we ask that organizations use our online resources as their first source for information about Volgistics. We provide extensive company, security, privacy, and system information online at these locations:

We also offer an extensive help library that may have the information you need.

Should your survey seek information you cannot locate in our online resources, you are welcome to submit these questions to us through our support channels. You can submit questions or contact the support team by posting a help inquiry from within your Volgistics account, or by going to