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System Requirements

You can use Volgistics from any PC or Mac, anywhere, as long as it has an internet connection and any popular web browser, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari.

Rather than installing software on your computer, you use the Volgistics system over the internet through your web browser. Volgistics operates from a centrally located, secure data center. You don't need to worry about installing or maintaining any software, or losing valuable data due to computer error--your data is backed up for you, continually. New features are added automatically so you never have to purchase or install software upgrades.

This help topic covers the key requirements recommended for using Volgistics. Expand a collapsed section below to learn more about that area.

Internet Connection

You can use Volgistics from computers or devices with any kind of internet connection. Keep in mind that slow internet speeds can cause problems with things such as how long a page takes to load. See the Slow System Response help topic if you'd like to check your speed.

Web Browsers

You can use Volgistics through any of these web browsers. Web browsers are continually updated to address security vulnerabilities. Because of this, we recommend using the latest version of the browser whenever possible. At the very least, the web browser in use must be a supported version. You can learn how to make sure your web browser is up to date in the Update Web Browser help topic.

Image of Chrome Icon


Users can use Volgistics with Google's Chrome browser. Chrome is freely available from Google. In order to launch the optional VicTouch module in kiosk mode on a computer with a touchscreen monitor, you will need to use Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

Image of Edge Icon

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default browser for the Windows 10 and 11 operating systems. You can learn more about the Edge browser on Microsoft's website. In order to launch the optional VicTouch module in kiosk mode on a computer with a touchscreen monitor, you will need to use Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

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Firefox is a web browser from Mozilla. It is freely available to download on the Mozilla website. In order to launch the optional VicTouch module in kiosk mode on a computer with a touchscreen monitor, you will need to use Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.

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Mac users can use Volgistics with Apple's Safari browser. Safari requires an up-to-date version of macOS and comes as part of the operating system. You can learn more about this browser on the Apple website. Apple no longer supports Safari for Windows so if you have a Windows based system you will need to use one of the other supported web browsers.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (IE) is no longer a supported web browser for Volgistics. Microsoft discontinued support for the browser on June 15, 2022 so Volgistics also stopped supporting IE on that date. Organizations and their volunteers will need to use one of the other web browsers mentioned in this help topic to use Volgistics or any of its related components (online application forms, the Opportunity Directory, the VicNet portal, and the VicTouch time stations).

Pop-Up Windows

Some actions in Volgistics trigger a pop-up alert to the System Operator who initiated the action to verify that they would like to make the change. In order to receive these verification pop-up windows, it is important that the operator's web browser allows pop-ups from


Volgistics does not require cookies unless you would like computers to remember your account number and login name for the Login page.


Browsers that use Volgistics must permit JavaScript from web pages at Most (if not all) modern web browsers have JavaScript enabled by default.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

In order to view PDF reports you run in Volgistics, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader, or another program capable of opening PDF files. In many cases web browsers can now open PDF files, or you may have another program you use to work with PDF files. In these cases, nothing needs to be done. If these options are not available to you, you will need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader. This program is available free-of-charge from the Adobe website. For security, we recommend updating Adobe Acrobat Reader regularly if you install it.