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Start a Trial Account

How to Sign-up for a free trial account

Start a free, 30-day trial account when you're ready to learn how Volgistics makes the job of managing the volunteers at your organization easier. We do not collect any payment information so you do not need to worry about getting charged if you decide Volgistics does not meet your needs. You can simply let the trial account expire without activating it, or you can cancel the trial account to remove the account information sooner. If you're already familiar with Volgistics and ready to start a permanent account, just open a trial account and activate it without completing the trial period.

We also offer sample accounts you can use to test-drive Volgistics without setting up a new account. Sample accounts are preloaded and configured with fictitious information so you can experience how Volgistics works without entering records or performing account set up. You can make any changes you'd like in the sample account, but it will return to its original state when your session is over. Sample accounts also make a great resource if you start a trial account and want to view how your account might look when you're done with set up. Visit the Sample Account page of the Volgistics website to start a sample session.

Free Trial Information

Free trial accounts can be used to give Volgistics a more thorough evaluation than sample accounts because trial accounts use your own volunteers and any changes you make are saved between sessions. Trial accounts work just like paid accounts and are limited to 50 non-archived volunteer records, 50 archived volunteer records, and two System Operators. Trial accounts also include full use of the VicNet, VicTouch, and VicDocs modules, plus email and text messaging are fully functional during the trial.

Your organization may have more than 50 volunteers or need more than two System Operators, but the trial account limits are sufficient to run a test or pilot study with a group of your volunteers while deciding if Volgistics is a good fit for your organization.

Free trials are good for up to 30 days from the day you sign-up. Please contact the support team if you haven't had time to evaluate Volgistics during the trial period. If you decide Volgistics works for your organization, simply make a payment for the trial account within 60 days of the date the trial period ends to keep all of your records and customization.

Sign-up for a Free Trial

Follow these steps to sign-up for a free Volgistics trial account:

  1. Visit
  2. Hover over Try or Buy on the menu at the top of the page and select Free Trial.

    Image of Free Trial on Menu

  3. Complete the form.

If your email address is not associated with your organization's domain, you'll get a pop-up asking if you are a volunteer manager or a volunteer. Select the volunteer manager option if you're the person who tracks volunteers at an organization and then proceed to step 4. Select the volunteer option if you do not track other volunteers, then contact the organization where you serve (or wish to serve) to learn how to proceed.

  1. Click the Submit button.

After you submit the form, you'll receive an email message with your Volgistics account number at the email address you entered on the form. The message may take a few minutes to be delivered. If you do not see the email message after 30 minutes, check your spam or junk mail folder to see if your email provider placed the message there. If you still don't see the message, contact the Volgistics support team with the email address you entered on the form.

Make a note of the Volgistics account number included in your message and keep it in a safe place. Once you have the account number, you can get started immediately by clicking the Login button at Enter the account number, plus the email address and password you entered on the form. How to Log In explains more.

You'll complete a short interview the first time you log in to configure some basic settings of your account. These can be changed later so you do not need to worry if you're unsure of the answers. If you have any questions, our support team is always eager to help!

When you decide Volgistics works for your organization's volunteer tracking needs, or if you're ready to subscribe without setting up the trial account, record your account number and Activate your trial account. If your organization is sending a payment, be sure to contact the Volgistics support team if the check will arrive more than 60 days after the trial expired. Otherwise, you will need to start a new trial and any information or changes you made during the trial period will be lost.

Free Resources

Volgistics provides many resources at no charge to help you get your trial account ready.

  • Getting Started Guide. The Getting Started Guide is a help topic designed specifically for new users. It has sections to explain the basic elements of Volgistics' design and security, how to set up and configure the account, and how to use the system after your account is set up.
  • Help Topic Library. In addition to the Getting Started Guide, Volgistics has an extensive help topic library that is searchable and indexed.
  • Unlimited Support. All accounts include free and unlimited support even during the trial period! Our highly trained support team is eager to assist you and available 13 hours a day on weekdays (8 am to 9 pm Eastern), and five hours a day on Saturdays (11 am to 4 pm Eastern). In addition, on Saturday evening a support team member will log in and answer any questions submitted after 4 pm. They will also log in on Sundays and U.S. Holidays at three points during the day to answer questions. Questions submitted while support is closed are answered promptly the next time support resumes.
  • Free Monthly Webinar. We offer a free monthly Volgistics 101 webinar designed to teach users about a specific area of Volgistics. You can see what subjects the next webinars will cover, and register to attend, on the Online Training page of our website. Even if you can't attend, register anyway and we'll send a recording of the webinar a few days after it takes place.
  • Demonstrations. We also offer new account holders a one-time walk through of the system using online meeting software. If you have not had a demonstration of Volgistics yet, you can reserve a time and date in the Schedule Your Own Personal Demo section of the Live Demonstrations page of our website. If you have already had a demonstration and want a refresher, or don't want to wait, you can watch the recorded demonstration at any time.

If you've exhausted all the free resources listed in the call out box above, you can also schedule an online meeting to work one-on-one with a member of the Volgistics support team. The cost for personal online meetings is $50 for 30 minutes, and meetings can be scheduled in 30, 60, or 120 minute sessions. Meeting fees must be paid by credit card at the time the meeting is scheduled. You can reserve a time and date on the Online Training page of our website.

How to Sign-up for a free trial account