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Manage Credential Cookies

Internet cookies, or small pieces of information websites can save on your computer, can be permitted or blocked, either completely or from specific websites. Cookies from can be used to save login credentials at a computer.

If you have access to Setup and you would like to manage cookies from, you can do so on the Cookies page. If you're not already on this page, you can get there by choosing Setup from the menu, choosing 'Account management,' and then selecting 'Cookies.'


Clicking the Clear button will remove any Volgistics login credentials that were previously saved on this computer. A user will have to enter their complete login credentials the next time they login at this computer.

As long as Cookies from have not been blocked after being cleared on the Cookies page, users will see the "Remember my credentials at this computer" checkbox option on the Login page.

The Secure Login box after the Clear button has been clicked:

Example of Login Page Without Login Cookie Saved


Clicking the Block button will prevent login credentials from being saved on this computer. This is particularly useful when multiple system operators work at the same computer, as it prevents any user from saving their login information on the Volgistics Login page.

When cookies from Volgistics are blocked from the Cookies page, the Login page remembers the account number but not any user's email address or password on that computer. The Login page also no longer contains the "Remember my credentials at this computer" checkbox.

The Secure Login box after the Block button has been clicked:

Example of Login Page With Cookies Blocked

Note: The "Clear" and "Block" functions on this page apply only to the computer on which the buttons are clicked. For example, if you want to prevent system operators from saving their login credentials on one specific computer that is shared by multiple users, you should go to the Cookies page on that shared computer to block cookies.