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Interconnection of Assignments, Volunteers, and Coordinators

It's sometimes helpful to see how the records in a database are connected to each other. Three of the main types of records in your account are the records for the volunteers who serve at your organization, the Assignment records that represent the jobs or tasks your volunteers serve in, and the Coordinators (or team leaders) who oversee the Assignments. This help topic explains what types of information can be stored on each record type, and looks at how the three types of records interact with each other.

Keep in mind that the account's Administrator(s) control which tab or records System Operators have access to so you may not see each tab mentioned depending on your operator rights.

Volunteer Records

The core of the Volgistics system is your volunteer records. There are several different methods for adding new records.

There is only one type of volunteer record, but the Status recorded for the record can be used to track the volunteer's relationship with your organization. For example, a volunteer with the Applicant Status could be someone who has applied, but has not completed the on boarding requirements at your organization. While volunteers with the Active Status could represent volunteers who are trained and serving regularly. The Inactive Status generally means the volunteer used to serve, but has stopped.

Each volunteer record has a Core tab for tracking their current Status and basic contact information such as name, address, email address, and phone numbers. In addition, each volunteer record can have:

Image of Volunteer Record Tabs

You can find more detailed information about each tab of volunteer records in Volunteer Record Structure.

Assignment Records

The next part of the system is the Assignment records. Assignments are the individual tasks or activities that volunteers perform in your organization. Your system can have a single Assignment, or thousands of Assignments, depending on your needs.

Each Assignment record has space for tracking the name of the Assignment and optionally details such as the address where the Assignment takes place and phone numbers of people to contact for information. In addition, each Assignment record can have:

Image of Assignment Record Tabs

Site, Place, and Assignment Structure

Image of Site, Place & Assignment Structure

You can optionally organize your Assignments in a hierarchical manner to match your organization's structure. For example, if you have different program areas, locations, or departments, you can organize your Assignment records according to these.

This kind of organization makes it possible for you to run reports for an individual Assignment or all Assignments under the Sites or Places. For example, the Service Summary and Service Detail reports can be organized to show service entry totals for all Assignments under a Site or Place, or for just one Assignment.

Similarly, System Operators can view volunteers with Roles in just one Assignment, or in all Assignments at a given Site or Place.

Coordinator Records

Another part of the system are the optional Coordinator records. Coordinators are people who supervise or oversee the volunteers in individual Assignments, or in all of the Assignments at a given Site or Place. They can be department heads, staff members, or just volunteers who are team leaders.

Each Coordinator record has space for tracking the Coordinator's core information, such as their name, address, and phone numbers. This information can optionally show on your Opportunity Directory and on Assignment Profile Reports.

If your organization's service level includes the optional VicDocs module, the Coordinator records will also have a Docs tab. This can be used to upload electronic document files to the Coordinator's record. You can learn more in Docs Tab for Coordinators.

Volgistics Puts It All Together

Volgistics links volunteer, Assignment, and Coordinator records together so some information is shared between records. For example, if a volunteer record's Schedule tab shows a volunteer is scheduled to serve in an Assignment, the Schedule tab of the Assignment record will show the volunteer. Similarly, if a Coordinator oversees the Assignment, the volunteer will also show on the Schedule tab of the Coordinator record.

This is also true if the volunteer has a Role in an Assignment recorded on her or his Service tab. In this case, the volunteer will be listed on the Volunteers tab of the Assignment, as well as the Volunteers tab of the Places and Sites the Assignment falls under, and the Volunteers tab of any Coordinators who oversee the Assignment.

The other information on the records is not shared between records. For example, the information on a volunteer record's History tab will not show anywhere on Assignment or Coordinator records.

Image of Volunteer, Assignment, and Coordinator Records