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Fields Are Highlighted or Yellow

If you find that some of the fields in your Volgistics system have been shaded yellow or another color, you probably have your web browser set to autofill fields. This can also explain why some fields seem to be populated with incorrect information. For example, if you start to add a new volunteer and find the new record's first and last name fields are already populated with another volunteer's first and last name, most likely your web browser is set up to remember information you enter on forms and then autofill new forms with the information.

You can prevent these fields from being shaded or autofilled by disabling the autofill feature in your web browser. The steps to do this vary from browser to browser. The steps below show how to do this for the Google Chrome web browser, but the steps will be similar for other web browsers. If you need help, you'll need to search for information on how to disable the setting for whatever browser you use.

  1. Select the browser menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Autofill.
  4. Select Addresses and more.
  5. Toggle the option to the disabled or off position.