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FAQ About Converting From VolunteerWorks

Answers to frequently asked questions about converting from VolunteerWorks to Volgistics.

How Do I Convert From VolunteerWorks to Volgistics?

If you have VolunteerWorks version 3, you can use VolunteerWorks to convert your data to Volgistics yourself whenever you choose. Or if you'd prefer, Volgistics can convert it for you at no extra cost.

For step-by-step instructions and more information visit

Will Running the Conversion to Volgistics Change Anything in My VolunteerWorks Database?

No. Running the Conversion Utility to copy your data from VolunteerWorks into Volgistics will not change any of the information you have in VolunteerWorks. The Conversion Utility simply reads the information from your VolunteerWorks database and inserts a copy of it into your Volgistics account.

If you want to run the conversion to see how your data will look in VolunteerWorks before you "go-live" with Volgistics, you can convert your data and then continue using VolunteerWorks while you're testing Volgistics. When you're ready to switch to Volgistics, you can clear your Volgistics account and run the conversion from VolunteerWorks again to get the latest copy of your VolunteerWorks database.

Can I Run the Conversion From VolunteerWorks to Volgistics More Than Once?

Yes, you can run the conversion more than once if you ran the conversion initially to see what your data will look like in Volgistics while you continued to use VolunteerWorks. When you're ready to make the switch, you can run the conversion again to get the latest copy of your VolunteerWorks database.

Can I Convert Just Some of the Volunteer Records I Have in VolunteerWorks?

Yes. You can tag selected records and then convert just the tagged records. Or you can convert all of the records with a particular status, such as just the Active volunteers, or all of the volunteers except the Inactive volunteers.

When you start the Volgistics Conversion Utility, you are asked if you want to convert just the tagged records, or just the records with certain statuses.

Can I Convert Some Volunteer Records From VolunteerWorks Now, and Other Volunteer Records Later?

Converting selected volunteer records initially, and then converting other volunteer records later is not recommended.

Here's why: When you run the conversion, the conversion utility makes sure that your Volgistics account has all of the Assignments; reminder items (called Checklist items in Volgistics); awards; and look-up table (dropdown list) entries that exist in VolunteerWorks--no matter which volunteer records you're converting.

Therefore, if you make any changes to Assignments (such as reorganizing or renaming them); awards; Checklist items; or look-up table (dropdown list) items in Volgistics after you run the conversion for the first time and then attempt to run the conversion again, the system will again add the original Assignment names, awards, checklist items, and look-up tables (dropdown lists) back into your Volgistics account from VolunteerWorks.

Can I Convert the Archived Volunteer Records From VolunteerWorks?

You can convert any volunteer records that are currently archived in VolunteerWorks if you choose. When you start the Volgistics Conversion Utility you are asked if you want to convert your archived records.

If you choose to convert your archived volunteer records they will convert directly into the archived record storage in Volgistics. Meaning they will still be archived in Volgistics if they were archived in VolunteerWorks.

If I Convert My VolunteerWorks Data Into Volgistics, Can I Later Move It Back to VolunteerWorks?

There is not a data Conversion Utility that moves data from Volgistics into VolunteerWorks. For this reason you should determine that Volgistics suits your needs before you convert from VolunteerWorks and begin using Volgistics. Volgistics trial accounts are free, and you can run a test conversion of your VolunteerWorks data into your Volgistics trial account to see how things work before you decide to make the switch.

What Should I Do if I Get Error 10060 or 10061 When I Run the Conversion Utility?

These error messages mean that your computer or network firewall prevents the VolunteerWorks program from connecting to the Internet, which it needs to do to copy your data to Volgistics.

Ask the person who maintains your computer or network firewall to be sure the VolunteerWorks program (VWORKS32.EXE) has permission to access the Internet. Once you do this you should be able to run the Volgistics Conversion Utility from within VolunteerWorks.

If these steps do not resolve the problem, you can ask Volgistics to convert your VolunteerWorks data for you. There's no charge for this service.

What Should I Do if the Conversion Utility Appears to Start, but Never Reports Any Progress Even After Several Minutes?

While the conversion is running from VolunteerWorks you should see a series of progress messages on the screen. If you don't see any progress messages, there may have been an Internet connection issue.

Check to be sure you can visit from the computer where you're running the conversion. If you cannot connect to, contact your ISP or network administrator.

If your organization uses a firewall, check with the person who maintains the firewall to be sure it does not prevent you from making SSL connections to Also, confirm that the VolunteerWorks program (VWORKS32.EXE) has permission to access the Internet.

These steps may also resolve connection issues:

  1. Choose Volgistics Conversion Utility from the Internet menu in VolunteerWorks.
  2. Click Start.
  3. Click the Connection settings button. This opens the Internet connections settings window.
  4. Change the state of the Use Windows Internet connection settings checkbox. (If it is currently checked, uncheck it. If it is not currently checked, check it.)
  5. Click Save to save your settings.

Then try the conversion again.

If you continue to experience a connection issue there may be a firewall or proxy server that prevents an SSL connection from the Conversion Utility. In this case, you can ask Volgistics to convert your VolunteerWorks data for you. There's no charge for this service.

Is My Data Secure When I Use the Volgistics Conversion Utility in VolunteerWorks?

The Volgistics Conversion Utility uses SSL to encrypt all of your information as it is copied into your Volgistics account. This is same level of security used to protect online banking and credit card transactions. Once your data reaches your Volgistics account it is protected by the Volgistics system security. You can learn more about Volgistics security at