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Clear Your Account

A Volgistics Administrator can clear all of the information from their Volgistics account. Clearing your account wipes the information for your account from the system.

In most cases, you should not clear an established Volgistics database that you want to continue using. However, there are some unique circumstances when starting over is useful. Here are some examples:

  • You have a new Volgistics account and you've been experimenting with different customizations and test records. You want to clear the account all at once so you can get started with real information.
  • You are using one of the conversion options to import information from another program. Once the import is finished you examine the data and find things you'd like to change about the way the import handled the data. As long as you have not started adding new data, you can clear the account and repeat the process with the changes.
  • You inherited a Volgistics account that was not maintained for some time, and feel the most effective approach is to clear the account and start over.

Clear your account only when you are certain that:

  1. You understand what will happen when you clear your account. Read and understand this help topic before proceeding.

  2. You no longer want to keep any of the information in your Volgistics account.

  3. You have the authority in your organization to do this (only System Operators who are Administrators can clear their account).

This help topics explains what happens when you clear an account, the steps to initiate clearing an account, and the options to control what information or configurations are cleared from the account.

What is removed when you clear an account?

When you clear your account, the following information is deleted from your account. This includes:

Who will clearing your account affect?

Clearing your account affects everyone who uses it. Here are some of the things that happen to access when you clear an account:

  • Unless you choose to keep your account setup, no one but you will have credentials to access your account once it's cleared. You will need to enter new System Operators to give others access.
  • Even if you use Site Level Access, all volunteer, Site, Place, Assignment, Coordinators, and documents are deleted for all Sites. There is not a procedure for clearing the information for just a single Site.
  • Volunteers will not have access to any information in the VicNet portal until their records are put into Volgistics again.
  • If you use VicTouch time clock stations, volunteers will not be able to sign-in until their records are put into Volgistics again.

Clearing your account does not change your account status or payment information. If you have a paid account, clearing your account does not change your service level, billing contact, or payment arrangements. Clearing a trial account does not change the trial account expiration date.

How to clear your account

  1. Choose Setup from the menu.

  2. Expand the Account Management link.

  3. Select Clear Account.

  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

When you clear your account you can optionally keep your current account setup, custom reports, receive a spreadsheet with your volunteer information, and receive a zip file with any VicDoc documents you have uploaded. See the sections below for more information on this.

Keep account setup

It's a good idea to keep your account setup if you're satisfied with the way you have your account customized, but you want to start over with new volunteer, Site, Place, Assignment, and Coordinator information. Do not keep your account setup if you want to start completely over from scratch.

By default, the Keep account setup checkbox is checked and disabled. This is because the Keep reports checkbox is checked and the only way reports can be saved is if the account setup is also saved. If you wish to delete the account's setup, you will need to un-check the Keep reports checkbox and then un-check the Keep account setup checkbox.

If you choose to keep your account setup, all of the customization options that appear under the Setup menu are preserved, including:

Keeping your account setup does not save any assignments you currently have in your account. Clearing your account always deletes all Sites, Places, and Assignments. Also, while keeping the account setup preserves the service tracking customizations such as Service Measures and Service Values, all service entries holding data for service are deleted.

If you choose not to keep your account setup, all the customization options that appear under the Setup menu (including those listed above) are deleted or reset. In this case your account will appear as if it was brand new, and you'll need to start over again with any customizations you want your account to have. To help you with this, the Getting Started Interview will be repeated the first time you login after clearing your account.

Keep reports

The Keep reports checkbox is checked by default. In order for the Keep reports checkbox to be checked, the Keep account setup checkbox must also be checked. There is not a way to save reports without also saving the account's setup.

When the Keep reports checkbox is checked, it means that any custom reports created in your account will still be available after you clear your account. Stock reports are not impacted by clearing your account so they will be available after the account is cleared no matter if the Keep reports checkbox is checked or un-checked.

If you do not want custom reports to be saved, un-check the Keep reports checkbox before clearing your account.

Please note that this option saves the actual setup of the custom report, but not the content of completed PDF and Excel reports that have already been run. You will need to save your reports to your local computer if you want them to be available after clearing your account. Clearing your account deletes all content from the In Box tab of your Volgistics mailbox.

Save account information

When the Save account information (an email will be sent to you with a link to download) checkbox is checked, you'll receive a link by email to download a spreadsheet with all volunteer information along with a zip file of documents stored in your account. Documents include the PDF version of completed application forms, and if your account includes the VicDocs module, the file will include all documents uploaded to the Docs tabs of volunteer, Coordinator, and Site, Place, and Assignment records. The link will be sent to the email address associated with your System Operator record.

Please note: For security, the link only remains active for 5 days. You must sign-in to your email account and download the account information to your local computer during these 5 days. You can learn more about accessing the account information in the Save Volunteer Information Locally help topic.

There is not a way to make a bulk upload of all the documents in the zip file to the account again. You would need to upload the documents individually to the Docs tab of each record if you want the documents to be in the account after the account is cleared. Basic volunteer information can be moved back into your account using our Import Utility program. However, this program is not able to import all of the fields of information your spreadsheet may contain.


There is not a way to undo clearing your account once the process has started so Volgistics requires several confirmation safeguards to be sure you wish to proceed. If you have read and agree to all the terms regarding clearing your account, enter "Yes" in the Do you acknowledge the four items listed above? field and click the Start button. At this point you can still cancel if you wish by clicking the Cancel button. If you wish to proceed, enter your password and click the Continue button. Once a valid password is entered and the Continue button is clicked, you cannot stop the clearing process. There will not be a way to restore your account's information.

Clearing your account may take as long as twenty to thirty minutes to complete. During this time you will not be able to login. Once Volgistics has finished clearing your account, you can login again.

If you chose to keep your account setup, any System Operators you had before you cleared your account will be able to login again. If you choose not to keep your account setup, only the Volgistics Administrator who cleared the account can login. To do this he or she will use the same login name and password that was used to clear the account because there will not be any other System Operator records left in the account.

When you login after clearing your account, you will not have any records for volunteers, Sites, Places, Assignments, or Coordinators.