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Activate a Trial Account

Activate a Trial

Once you determine that Volgistics meets your needs, simply activate your trial account at the secure Volgistics store.

When you activate your account you can optionally keep the customizations, System Operators, and information you entered during your trial; or you can start fresh by clearing your account before you begin entering or importing real data. To keep what you've done in your trial account, activate your account before your trial expires.

If your trial period has expired, but it's been fewer than 60 days, reach out to the support team. Odds are we'll be able to extend the trial so you can activate the account successfully.

To activate your trial account:

  1. Visit and click Login.
  2. Enter your account credentials and click Continue.
  3. Choose Setup from the menu
  4. Expand Account Management.
  5. Click Store.
  6. Choose the payment method you prefer and click the Continue button. Follow the directions on the page to complete your payment.

If you want to clear the information you entered in your trial account, Clear Your Account explains how to do this.

Activate a Trial