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VicTouch Ground Rules Settings

You use the VicTouch Ground Rules page to set up the basic operating rules for the VicTouch volunteer timeclock module. If you're not already on the Ground Rules page you can get there by following these steps:

  1. Choose Setup from the menu.
  2. Expand VicTouch.
  3. Click the Ground Rules link.

Note that any changes made on the Ground Rules page will not be applied until your VicTouch sessions have been refreshed. VicTouch should automatically refresh itself every few minutes, but you can also manually refresh the session using the browser's refresh function or by shutting down and restarting VicTouch. If volunteers are signed in at VicTouch when you refresh or shut down the session, they will be able to sign-out as usual and their hours will be recorded correctly when you re-start VicTouch. If you're not familiar with how to start VicTouch, see Options to Launch VicTouch.

Volunteer Access

You can prevent volunteers with a certain Status (such as Inactive) from being able to use VicTouch. Check the Status(es) volunteers must have in order to use VicTouch. If a volunteer has a Status that is not checked here, they will be unable to check-in at VicTouch.


The primary function of VicTouch is to collect volunteer service hours. It does this in a time-clock manner: Volunteers sign-in when they arrive, and sign-out when they depart. Once a volunteer signs-out, VicTouch makes a service entry for them that shows the amount of time they served.

You can set up VicTouch so these service entries show the exact number of hours and minutes a volunteer served; or you can have these service entries rounded to 5, 10, or 15 minute intervals.

Choose Without rounding if you always want the exact number of hours and minutes a volunteer served recorded. For example, if four hours and eleven minutes passed between the time a volunteer signed-in and the time they signed out, their service record will show four hours, eleven minutes. This setting yields the most accurate service statistics.

Choose Rounded if you want these service records rounded to 5, 10, or 15 minute intervals; and then choose the interval you prefer.

If you choose Rounded to the nearest, your service records will be rounded to the nearest 5, 10 or 15 minute interval. For example, if you want rounding to the nearest 15 minute intervals, four hours eleven minutes would be rounded up to four hours fifteen minutes, and four hours and two minutes would be rounded down to four hours exactly.

If you choose Rounded to the next, your service records will always be rounded up to the nearest interval. For example, if you want rounding to the nearest 15 minute interval, four hours two minutes would round to four hours fifteen minutes.

For the most accurate service tracking, choose Without rounding. Some people prefer to see rounded hour entries in their service records. If this is your preference, choose one of the rounding options.


This section provides information you will need to launch the VicTouch station on the computer or device you want. See Options to Launch VicTouch for directions on how to use this information.

Always Require Login Credentials for Victouch Startup

When this checkbox is un-checked, VicTouch can be launched without asking for a System Operator's login credentials.

Check this checkbox only if you want the VicTouch module to always require account credentials each time it is started. When this checkbox is checked, VicTouch cannot be started (or re-started) at any computer except by a Volgistics System Operator no matter which method is used to start the station.

It's best to leave this un-checked if you find that it's necessary to re-start VicTouch periodically, or if you want computers that run VicTouch to launch the VicTouch module automatically anytime the computer is restarted.

Public Account Identifier

Your public account identifier is used to identify your account when VicTouch is launched. Your public account identifier is not changeable (it's how Volgistics identifies your account).

Victouch Access Code

Your VicTouch access code is also used in the URL address for VicTouch. You can optionally change your account's VicTouch access code here at any time. If you change your VicTouch access code, your VicTouch stations will no longer work until the method used to launch your VicTouch stations is updated with the new URL address.

Changing your VicTouch access code will not disable the QR code if you use a printed code to allow volunteers to launch VicTouch on their mobile phone or device. You'll need to generate a new QR code if you want to disable a previously printed code.

Use This URL in Your Desktop Shortcut to Victouch

This is the URL address you should use to launch VicTouch. You can learn about different ways to use in Options to Launch VicTouch.

Exit Code

By design, there is not an obvious way to stop VicTouch from running at a VicTouch workstation. This is to prevent volunteers or others who are not authorized to do so, from stopping VicTouch.

To stop VicTouch, an operator can enter the special numeric exit code found here. The Operator can enter the # symbol followed by the Exit Code on the PIN screen to stop that VicTouch station. For example, if you set your exit code to be 123 you would enter #123 at VicTouch to shut it down.

If Volunteers Forget to Sign-Out

When you use VicTouch, volunteers sign-in when they arrive, and sign-out when they depart. Once a volunteer signs-out, VicTouch makes a service entry for them that shows the amount of time they served.

On occasion, a volunteer may sign-in, but then forget to sign-out when they leave. Volgistics can detect when this happens, and sign the volunteer out automatically.

Use these settings to specify the maximum number of hours a volunteer should be allowed to be signed-in before VicTouch assumes they forgot to sign-out; and then enter the number of hours and minutes that should be given in this situation.

For example, if your longest possible volunteer shift is nine hours, then it's safe to assume that a volunteer who has been signed-in for more than ten hours has forgotten to sign out. In this case, you would choose 10 hours as the longest amount of time a volunteer should be logged in.

When a volunteer has been logged-in longer than you allow, VicTouch will automatically sign-out the volunteer. Since the actual time the volunteer left is unknown, VicTouch will give the volunteer the pre-set number of hours you specify.

If you want the number of hours that a volunteer should be given if they forget to sign-in to depend on the Assignment they performed, click on the Assignment name and enter the number of hours and minutes they should receive if they forget to sign-out from that assignment.

Check If volunteers forget to sign-out, post their service records for auditing if you want the service entries VicTouch makes automatically for volunteers who have forgotten to sign-out to appear on your service audit list. This makes it easy for you to later adjust these service entries to reflect the actual number of hours served, if you choose to do that.