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Schedule Page Set Up for VicTouch

The Schedule Screen of the VicTouch volunteer time clock module lets volunteers review and manage their scheduled shifts. From this screen, volunteers can see the shifts they've already been scheduled for, and if you allow volunteers to schedule themselves, they can sign-up for new shifts and remove themselves from existing shifts. If you'd like to see what the schedule looks like in VicTouch, you can find examples in the View Schedule section of the Volunteer Guide for VicTouch.

This help topic explains the options available to you for configuring the Schedule Screen in VicTouch.

Please Note

If you want to enable or configure the self-scheduling settings for VicTouch or VicNet, see the Self-Scheduling Settings for VicNet and VicTouch help topic.

To get started configuring your VicTouch Schedule Screen settings:

  1. Choose Setup from the menu.
  2. Expand VicTouch.
  3. Click the Schedule Screen link.

Now that you're on the correct Setup page, let's walk through the options available to you. Click the headings below to expand their contents and learn more.

Volunteer Access

Volunteers can...

Use this setting to choose whether or not volunteers can view the Schedule Screen in VicTouch. If you want them to have this access, check Allow Volunteers to use this page at VicTouch. If you uncheck this box, volunteers will not be able to view the schedule at VicTouch.

When volunteers view the schedule, do you want them to see who else is scheduled?

Use these options to choose what information volunteers can see in the schedule. The options you can choose from are:

  • No. Choose this option if volunteers should only be able to see their own shifts. They will not be able to see any other scheduled volunteers.
  • Yes, but only in assignments they can sign-up for. Choose this option if you want volunteers to only see their own shifts and shifts for other volunteers scheduled in Assignments the volunteer can sign-up for themselves. Volunteers will not be able to see other volunteers scheduled for Assignments they cannot sign-up for themselves. Whether a volunteer is able to sign-up for an Assignment's schedule is based on the Assignment's Rules tab settings.
  • Yes, in all assignments. Choose this option if volunteers should be able to see all other scheduled volunteers. If you use the Site Level Access feature, volunteers will only see other scheduled volunteers for the Site(s) they've been associated with.

Assignment Names

This section lets you choose how Assignment names are formatted in the schedule. You can choose to Show assignment names without Site and Place names, in which case, only the name of the Assignment will show in the schedule. Or you can choose to Show assignment names with Site and Place names. In this case, the Assignment's name will be followed by the name of the Site and Place that Assignment belongs to. This will look like this:

Assignment [Site\Place]


In this section, you can choose to include text information on the Schedule Screen to provide instructions or other kinds of information to volunteers. Use the Page heading field to enter the title you'd like to appear at the top of the screen when a volunteer views their schedule. And use the rich text editor to enter any longer content you'd like to appear on the screen. For example, you might give some basic instructions on how volunteers will navigate the Schedule Screen.