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Options to Launch VicTouch

The VicTouch module is designed to be run on a kiosk station that you set up at your facility so volunteers can clock-in when they arrive to serve and clock-out when they have finished their service. To run VicTouch, you need a device that has an internet connection and either an up-to-date version of a supported web browser or updated VicTouch app on a supported device. Since these requirements are relatively low, you can run VicTouch on many different kinds of devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. This also means you have a variety of options for launching VicTouch on those devices.

This help topic describes the different options available to you for setting up VicTouch on your devices, and you can find links to more specific guides on how to get VicTouch set up using each of those options. Keep in mind that some of these options will be easier to set up than others, but some options may provide more security than others. For example, you could set up a device so that it is restricted to just the VicTouch module. This would prevent volunteers from accessing other programs on the device, but this would also require a more extensive set up process. However, if you are not concerned with volunteers accessing other programs on the device, you could choose a much simpler option.

QR Code Sign-In

While VicTouch was designed to run on kiosk stations, many organizations would prefer to avoid having many volunteers all interact with a small number of devices, and some organizations may be unable to set up a kiosk device at all. This is particularly problematic for hospitals, medical centers, and other health-related organizations where they want to limit interactions to prevent the spread of illness in their volunteer base. Additionally, some organizations have volunteer activities that take place away from their facility where setting up a kiosk is not possible.

To accommodate these situations, VicTouch includes the option for QR code sign-ins. QR codes can be scanned using the camera on most smartphones and other mobile devices. So all volunteers have to do is scan the code using their phone, and this will bring up VicTouch in their phone's browser. You can learn more about the QR code feature in the VicTouch Sign-In with QR Codes help topic.

Below we've provided a list and description of each of the options sorted by complexity. The list will start with the simplest options and end with the more complex (and more secure) options.

Login with System Operator Credentials

Any System Operator in your Volgistics account can launch VicTouch using their Operator credentials. This is the simplest method to launch VicTouch and does not require an Operator to have access to your account settings. You can use your browser's fullscreen feature to hide the address bar and other menu options. However, if you leave a keyboard connected to the device or the device has other options to close out of or minimize a program, volunteers will still be able to use those to exit VicTouch and access other parts of the device.

See the Launch VicTouch with System Operator Credentials help topic to set up VicTouch with this method.

Use Your Direct VicTouch URL

Your Volgistics account has a unique URL used to launch VicTouch. This is another simple option for launching VicTouch, but you need access to your account settings to retrieve your VicTouch URL. However, once you've retrieved that URL, you can share it, and anyone with that URL will be able to launch VicTouch. Like the method above, you can use your browser's fullscreen feature to hide the address bar and other options. But there will still be options to close or minimize the VicTouch window depending on the device you're using. So if you are concerned about volunteers exiting VicTouch or accessing other parts of the device, you may wish to use one of the methods farther down this list to launch VicTouch.

Check out the Launch VicTouch with Direct VicTouch URL help topic to set up VicTouch with this method.

App Pinning (Android Devices Only)

Newer versions of the Android operating system have introduced a feature called App Pinning. This feature lets you lock the device to one particular application. To work alongside the App Pinning feature, Volgistics has developed a VicTouch app that you can install on your Android devices. Then you'll be able to lock the device to just that app. This way volunteers won't be able to access other parts of the device.

See the Launch VicTouch with Android App Pinning help topic to set up VicTouch with this method.

Guided Access (Apple Devices Only)

Apple devices (like iPads and iPhones) have a feature called Guided Access that lets you lock down the device to one application. This is a great tool to keep volunteers from exiting out of VicTouch and accessing other parts of the device. All you'll need to do is download the VicTouch iOS app, open it to launch VicTouch, and turn on Guided Access. Then VicTouch will stay open on that device until you choose to close it.

Review the Use Apple's Guided Access help topic to set up VicTouch with this method.

Desktop Shortcut

On a Windows computer, you can create a shortcut on your desktop to launch VicTouch. You can even set up your shortcut to start VicTouch in "kiosk mode," which will force the module to utilize the full screen of your device and hide the address bar and other options. This is similar to launching it in fullscreen, but it cannot be closed as easily. So this would be a better option for you if you'd like to set up a more secure kiosk device.

Use the Launch in Kiosk Mode help topic to set up VicTouch with this method.

SureFox App

As an alternative to the Apple Guided Access and Android App Pinning features described above, you could use the SureFox app to run VicTouch in a kiosk environment on tablets. Volgistics does not have a partnership with SureFox, but this is one app that we've seen work well with VicTouch. This app lets you lock down your device to a browser, and it also prevents users from navigating to different websites. This should provide you with a very secure option for running VicTouch on mobile devices.

See the Using SureFox to Lock Down Android and Apple Devices help topic to set up VicTouch with this method.

Windows Kiosk

Windows computers also have an option to create a single-app kiosk, which lets you set up a user that is exclusively tied to one application. You can set up a kiosk user on your Windows computer to only use VicTouch. This is the most secure option you can use to set up VicTouch since this will completely lock down the device to VicTouch. It cannot be closed, and no other programs are available while that user is signed-in on the computer. However, to get this set up on your computer, you'll likely need to work with your organization's IT team. This will require you to make changes in your Windows settings, which may only be available to your IT department.

Use the information in the Launch VicTouch with Windows Kiosk help topic to set up VicTouch with this method.