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Menu Screen Settings

The menu screen setup page allows you to customize the appearance of the page volunteers see when they check-in and out at the VicTouch station. This is the part of the check-in process where volunteers choose what action they'd like to take after entering their PIN and confirming their identity. If you're not already on this setup page, you can get to it by following these steps:

  1. Choose Setup from the menu.
  2. Expand VicTouch.
  3. Click Check-In Sequence.
  4. Select Menu screen setup.

Volunteers will see a Sign-in or Sign-out button on this page depending on if they have already signed-in for service. They may also see Switch Assignments, View Schedule and/or View Service buttons depending on if these options are setup in your account. Below we'll go over how to enable the Switch Assignments button. You can also optionally include a View Schedule button and View Service button.

An Exit button will also always appear in case volunteers have just entered their PIN to view their service or schedule. In this case, they should click this button to exit the module without signing-in or out.

Include a "Switch Assignments" Button

If you want volunteers to be able to choose a different assignment instead of just signing-out, check this box. Volunteers who are already signed-in will then see a Switch Assignments button in addition to the Sign-out button. They can press this button to select a different assignment instead of signing-out. This is useful if volunteers will perform back-to-back shifts in different Assignments. When they use the Switch Assignment button, they'll be signed-out of their original shift and immediately signed-in for the new one, all in one step.

You control which assignments volunteers can select by following the steps in VicTouch Assignment Selection Settings.

Main Instruction for This Page

The main instructions will be used as the heading for the menu screen. This heading can be up to 100 characters long. By default, the main instructions will be set to "What would you like to do?"

Additional Instructions

The additional instructions will appear just below the main instructions in smaller font. These should be used to provide more detailed information to volunteers about how they can use the menu or how they should proceed with their sign-in or sign-out. You can add basic rich text elements to these instructions to provide emphasis or clarity.