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View VicNet as Volunteer or Coordinator

Previewing VicNet

There may be times when you want to see what VicNet will look like when a volunteer or Coordinator visits. There are two ways you can do this: online, or from a volunteer or Coordinator's record.


If you've created a link to VicNet from your own web site, you can simply click that link, and then enter a valid email address and password for any of the volunteer or Coordinator records in your database that are allowed to access VicNet. Hint: You may want to create a practice record that you use for this kind of testing because the password fields are not available to System Operators.

From a Volunteer or Coordinator's Record

You can preview VicNet for any volunteer or Coordinator in your database from the Vic tab of their record. This is useful if you need to answer questions volunteers or Coordinators might have about their VicNet records because it enables you to see exactly what they see based on their record.

To preview VicNet for a volunteer or Coordinator:

  1. Choose Volunteers (or Coordinators) from the menu.
  2. Locate the record you want to preview, and then click on the name.
  3. Click the Vic tab.
  4. Check to make sure the tab says Access is OK, meaning the volunteer or Coordinator can access VicNet.

    Image of Access is Okay

    If the volunteer or Coordinator currently cannot access VicNet, you will not be able to preview VicNet from their perspective (you must configure their record so their Access is OK first).

  5. Click the Log in as Volunteer or Log in as Coordinator button to see VicNet.

    Image of Preview Buttons

The Login Page Shows When I Preview VicNet

You may sometimes see the VicNet Login page after clicking a preview button. This most often happens when the volunteer or Coordinator has never logged in and set a password. If this happens to you, the easiest solution is to use a different record if viewing the record you're using is not critical. If it is important to preview the record you're on, you can set a temporary password on the Vic tab and then login with the temporary password and the email address recorded on the record.

If you login with a temporary password, you will be required to set a permanent password. This means you will either need to let the volunteer or Coordinator know the new password, or they will need to click the link to reset their password on the VicNet Login page.

Previewing VicNet