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Limit Self-Scheduling to Volunteer's Assignments

If you allow volunteers to self-schedule in the VicNet portal or at the VicTouch time station, you can set each Assignment differently regarding which volunteers can schedule themselves for shifts. For example, you can set the Assignment so that no volunteers can self-schedule, every volunteer can self-schedule, or you can allow only certain volunteers to self-schedule for the job. This help topic explains how to only allow certain volunteers to self-schedule based on the Assignments listed on the Service tab of their volunteer record.

Please keep in mind that this will also make it so your Coordinators can only schedule certain volunteers in VicNet based on the Assignments selected on the volunteer's Service tab.

If you need help with enabling the self-scheduling feature, see Self-Scheduling Settings for VicNet and VicTouch.

Follow these steps to limit who can self-schedule:

  1. Choose Assignments from the menu.
  2. Click on the name of an Assignment you want to restrict to just certain volunteers.
  3. Click on the Rules tab for the selected Assignment.
  4. In the Who can sign-up for this schedule? section, select Volunteers can schedule themselves or be scheduled by a coordinator if their record has... Then check the desired Status(es) and Role(s). If you want volunteers to be able to schedule themselves for the Assignment no matter what their Role is in the Assignment, check all of the Roles.

    Here is an example of how the Rules tab would look if you only want volunteers to be able to self-schedule if they have the Active Status and Roles of either Assigned or Substitute in the Assignment. Volunteers who do not meet these requirements would not see this Assignment as an option in VicNet.

    Example of Rules Tab Restricted for Status and Role

  5. Click the Save button if you make a change.

You will need to repeat these steps for each Assignment where you want to restrict self-scheduling to just certain volunteers.