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Enable Photo Upload

Volunteer Photos in VicNet

Your System Operators can add and manage volunteer photos inside Volgistics. If your account's service level includes the VicNet portal, you can also allow your volunteers or Coordinators to add and manage pictures. This help topic explains how to do this.

Before you get started, it will be helpful to see what the VicNet portal looks like for volunteers or Coordinators.

After you go to the webpage where VicNet opened, select the Profile page if you are viewing VicNet as a volunteer. If you are viewing VicNet as a Coordinator, select the Volunteers page, then pick a volunteer from the list to see the page where the photos will appear.

Follow these steps if you'd like to add or make changes to the photo field:

  1. Select Setup from the menu.
  2. Select VicNet.
  3. Select one of the pages where you can update the Photo field:
    • To update the field for volunteers, select Profile Page (for Volunteers)
    • To update the field for Coordinators, select Volunteers Page (for Coordinators) and then Customize Volunteer Profile Content.

The Photo field will be located on the Available Fields side of the page in the Profile Fields section. Help documentation is available for adding & organizing fields, and adding & managing form sections.

The Photo field can have additional controls for whether or not users can upload a new photo or remove the current photo.

Volunteer Photos in VicNet