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Getting Started With VicDocs

The optional VicDocs module is used to upload and store electronic documents. You do not need to include VicDocs in your account's service level to use Volgistics. However, if you do include VicDocs, the module provides paperless storage and management for documents associated with your organization.

This help topic explains the steps to take if you want to get started with the VicDocs module. Some of the steps require access to Setup on the menu. If you are a Account Administrator for the account, you automatically have access to Setup. If you are a Power or Basic Level operator, you may or may not have access to Setup. If you do not have access to Setup, you will need to have an Administrator for your account complete the steps.

1. Check if VicDocs Is Included in Your Account’s Service Level

The service level for your account controls whether or not you will be able to use the VicDocs module to store electronic document files. You can determine if VicDocs is currently included in your account's service level by following these steps:

  1. Select Setup from the menu.
  2. Expand the Account Management section.
  3. Select Account Status.
  4. Locate the Service Level section and look for the VicDocs item. It will say No after the item if your service level does not include VicDocs. It will say Yes after the item if your service level does include VicDocs.

If VicDocs is not included in your account's service level, you can add it through the Store.

2. Create Document Types and Set Operator Rights for the Docs Tabs

It'll be beneficial to create document types to categorize your documents. Each account comes with a General type by default, but you can add new types such as Photo Release Form or Volunteer Policy Agreement to easily differentiate what is uploaded.

You can also choose to receive notifications in the In Box tab of the Mailbox when volunteers or Coordinators upload certain types of documents. This way you can more promptly examine those documents and mark associated Checklist items complete if necessary.

And you can set the operator rights for VicDocs according to the operator's user level. This allows you to customize which operators can perform actions such as viewing documents, editing document names, uploading documents, etc.

3. Upload and Manage Documents as a System Operator

You are now ready to start using the VicDocs feature to store and manage electronic documents for your account. You can find information on how to use the Docs tab on the different records as a System Operator in the following help topics:

The documents uploaded to individual volunteer, Coordinator, Site, Place, or Assignment records are consolidated on the Documents tab of your Volgistics mailbox. This gives you the ability to work with uploaded documents for multiple records.

4. Configure Application Forms So Applicants Can Submit Documents

Your online application forms can be set up so that applicants can upload documents to submit with their application.

5. Enable Volunteer and Coordinator Uploads in VicNet

If your account's service level includes the VicNet portal, you can also allow your volunteers and Coordinators to upload documents to their own records.