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System Operator Overview

System Operators are the people in your organization who you give access to the Volgistics system to log-in at Each System Operator has a login name (their email address), and a password you assign when you set up a new System Operator. You can also tailor certain system rights for each System Operator. You can use these rights to control the degree of access an operator has to the system, and what features they can use.

With the Site Level Access features, you can also control which volunteers an individual System Operator will see when they access Volgistics. This is ideal for organizations that have volunteer managers at different remote sites (such as branch or county offices) or for different volunteer groups within the same organization (such as Adult and Junior volunteer programs). These Site-Level Operators only see the volunteers for their own Site (or program) when they login to Volgistics.

The Site Level Access feature also allows you to set operators as a Multi-Site Level Operator. These operators function like Site-Level Operators so they can only see one Site's information, but they can switch their view between a pool of up to 10 Sites.

Who the individual System Operators are in your organization depends on the nature of your volunteer program. Typically, System Operators are the paid or volunteer staff who manage or coordinate your organization's volunteer program, especially those responsible for maintaining volunteer records.

All Volgistics accounts come with space for two different System Operators, although you may increase your account's service level to provide space for as many System Operators as you need.

It is permissible for two or more different individuals to share the same Volgistics System Operator login name and password. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind if you do this.

The first is that only one person who is sharing the login can access the system at a given time. If another person signs-in with the same login information, it will kick the first person out of the system. In addition, this could create some security concerns. For example, if you're trying to track which operator made a certain change in your account's Event Log, you will not be able to tell which of the people sharing the credentials made the change. Also, if a person who shares credentials leaves the organization, you will need to be diligent about changing the password and email address so the person will no longer have access to the account.

At least one of your System Operators must be designated as a Volgistics Administrator for your organization.


You can also setup Coordinators in Volgistics. Coordinators are different than System Operators in several ways:

  • Coordinators are typically people who coordinate, supervise, or schedule volunteers in a specific assignment (or multiple assignments). They are often volunteer chairpersons, team leaders or paid staff who coordinate the volunteers in their area as just one responsibility.
  • Coordinators cannot access the Volgistics database directly; however they can manage certain core information about the volunteers they supervise and their volunteer's schedules through VicNet.
  • There's no limit to the number of Coordinators you can have in your account. The number of Coordinators you track in your account does not affect your account's service level.
How a System Operator Can Review Their Own Access